Like shootin’ fish in a tank…

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Airwolf a.k.a. Rocky swimming along peacefully, not realising the paparazzi has him in their sights…

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… but best friend and tank mate Itchy notices a glint in the distance.. “Whazzat??”, he asks..

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“Aww dangnabbit, it’s those darn paparazzi vermin again… just ignore them, Itchy”, he tells his buddy….

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“Nah, man, I’m gonna get a closer look.. wait, I don’t think they’re taking pictures… OH NO HE’S SHOOTING A VIDEO! Swim for your life, Rocky, SWIIIIMMMM!!!”

Download pointless home-video of goldfish here (WMV, 3.5MB).


4 thoughts on “Like shootin’ fish in a tank…”

  1. What a cool name for a goldfish! i.e. Airworlf!
    And yes, I was sad enough to download your home-video as well.
    Very cool effort!! 😉

  2. Hi. This comment may be irrelevant to this blog of yours but I am hoping you can help me. You are using wordpress right? May I know which web hosting do u use?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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