I bet he got jampi-ed.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Gods must really be pissed off at Jonathan Woodgate.

The Real Madrid defender has waited for over a year to play for his new club since his £13 million transfer from Newcastle. On the morning before his long-awaited competitive debut against Athletic Bilbao, he was reported to have said:

“I’ve dreamt about this every day and night since I came here. It’s become my obsession, now it can become reality.”

He even had a plan for helping his team to win:

“Rather than dream about scoring, I dream my team can keep a clean sheet, because if we do that we will be a step closer to winning,” he said.

And then the match began – and everything just fell apart.

In what is quite possibly one of the worst top-flight competitive debuts ever made in club football by a former England-international, Woodgate not only scored an own-goal, but managed to get sent off after receiving two yellow cards.

Somewhere in Newcastle, Freddie Shepherd is laughing his head off…

Pic source: ESPN Soccernet © DenisDoyle/GettyImages

3 thoughts on “I bet he got jampi-ed.”

  1. Can’t think of a worse debut. But I can name one other person that wished he didn’t join that new BIG club that came for him – Senor Massimo Taibi. Aye yaiyaiyaiyai staepaido. Interestingly enough, he had a SUPERB debut against Liverpool i think … played like an Italian Stallion. But promptly degenerated into Italian Icecream in the subsequent matches (i still shudder at the pic of Massimmo doing clenched eyed air-clap *somebody headed the ball into the net already = THINK. last guy to be picked for basketball during PE session trying to catch a ball. wow).

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