Vote Me Off The Planet!

Sam Alfano's astronaut playing banjo; Image Hosted by
Image source: Sam Alfano, engraver – Computer Art. © Sam Alfano.

Here’s your chance to get rid of me – go to AFUNDI ANGKASAWAN and vote to blast me off into space! And to sweeten the deal, I’ll try to bring along Malaysia’s favourite minister (well, he’s been around long enough) along for the ride.. hehehehh….

Also, AFUNDI ANGKASAWAN webmistress Idlan Zakaria pledges to donate money to charity for every vote you cast! Votes are free, so whaddya waitin’ for?


P.S. You can read more details here.

P.S.S. Yes, that’s my picture on that page. However, it is an old one – taken nearly a decade ago. My face has filled out a little more since then… 😉

P.S.S.S. The poor web design is done on purpose. Don’t it just bring back awful memories of the pioneering days of personal homepages and pre-Yahoo Geocities and pre-Lycos Tripod? Blinking text, scrolling marquees, flashing animated gifs, horrible background images…. *shudder*


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