Sept, Sieben, Siete, Sette, Seven, Tujuh

In response to Lucia’s tag.

7 things i plan to do before i die

  1. Travel round the world in 80 days
  2. Pilot a helicopter
  3. Write a movie script
  4. Become a billionaire
  5. Say hi to Maya Karin
  6. Tell off a politician
  7. Try not to die

7 things i could do

  1. Learn Mandarin
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Learn German
  4. Learn Italian
  5. Learn Hindi
  6. Learn Arabic
  7. Learn Japanese

7 celebrity crushes

  1. Fauziah Latiff
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Nicole Kidman
  4. Shu Qi
  5. Maya Karin
  6. Preity Zinta
  7. Aishwarya Rai

7 often repeated words

  1. I
  2. have
  3. a
  4. bad
  5. feeling
  6. about
  7. this

7 physical traits i look for in the opposite sex

  1. A pair of eyes, positioned on the front of the head
  2. A mouth
  3. A pair of ears, positioned on opposite sides of the head, at about the same height
  4. A nose, between the eyes, and above the mouth
  5. A neck
  6. A body connected to the head via the neck
  7. 1 pair each of legs and arms to be connected to the body

7 people to tag
I’m not feeling particularly inclined right now to hunt down blogs that haven’t been tagged already. So I’m just gonna save time and tag those who’ve already done it. How’s that for lazy, eh?

  1. Idlan
  2. Minishorts
  3. Suanie
  4. Shaolin Tiger
  5. Lainie
  6. Simon
  7. What’s your name, again? Yeah, you, staring at the monitor. Consider yourself tagged.

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