6+ GB… and counting

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6.24 GB is not that big…. is it?


15 thoughts on “6+ GB… and counting”

  1. Well, for music, all I’ve got is about, oh, I don’t know… 3.02 GB.

    That’s nothing compared to you.

    On the other hand I have about 13 Gigs worth of… “alternate entertainment”.

  2. Wooah…can you share some music with me? Hey, how’s WordPress going? I am planning to re-blog (someday) and am toying with the idea of migrating to a WordPress host.

  3. Zsarina: Sure I can share – not sure if the stuff I listen to is to your taste, though… 😉 And on WordPress – it’s going grrrrreat! I’d heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to blog – or re-blog… 🙂

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