Holy Google, Batman!

So now, in addition to Google search, Google mail, Google desktop, Google blogs, Google ads, Google Earth, etc… we have another new buzz-product joining Google’s beta family: Google Talk.

Do people even remember a time when Google was a misspelled word for ‘googol‘?

It’s not so much that so many Google stuff is being lapped up and hyped by so many people, it’s that Google has embedded itself so deeply in to our (i.e. the ones who’re lucky enough to be connected to the web) collective consciousness, that it’s not a brand name anymore, but a verb.

We don’t search anymore – we google.

Right now, googling simply means looking something up on the net. Who knows, in years – decades – to come, it might mean a heck of a lot more….

“Bon voyage! Don’t forget to googletalk me when you get there!”

“When you reach Times Square, google around for a tall building covered in glass. My office is inside…”

“Why is your bed so untidy, young man? Google it THIS INSTANT!”

“A young couple were detained today by a policeman in Ipoh for googling suggestively in a public area.”

“Are you out of your googling mind? You googling idiot! GOOGLE OFF!”

And so on…

Any more examples/possibilities?


5 thoughts on “Holy Google, Batman!”

  1. tigerjoe: I know – it’s become so prevalent among the tech-set that the brand became a verb. It’s not a new phenomenon (think Colgate, Nescafe, Milo, etc) but it’s amazing it’s happened so quickly. In any case, my point is that meaning of the verb ‘to google’ could end up meaning so much more in the future than simple searching the web..

  2. if google existed back then in the 80s, would that one rock band popular for ‘fantasia bulan madu’ and ‘isabella’ be called google instead of search? amy’s stage after he has gone solo would be amy google instead of amy search. heh.

  3. ya agree with you sashi. google had become the in word these days. instead of people saying “why don’t you search for it?” they’ll say “why don’t you google for it?”.

    the word google also reminds me of oogle and gargoyle (not sure spelling… it is a monster).

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