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As I type this, I’m listening to all of Jaclyn Victor‘s performances* in Malaysian Idol last season, including the duets she performed with Dina in the finale before the votes were announced and she was declared the winner.

And I think to myself: No one – NO ONE – in the current batch can come close to the power, the dynamism, the sheer class of Jac’s performances. Heck, even Dina could easily win the current season title.

Which is why, unlike during the previous season, I haven’t been blogging much about MI, despite the fact that I’m still glued to it on Friday and Sunday nights as ever.

I just haven’t found the right calon to back this time round. While I think Farah has a powerful and flexible voice, her stage performance needs work. Daniel has an angelic voice, very good for the easy listening stuff – a shame about his mumbling. Faizull has an outstanding rocker’s voice – but he’s just plain awful when he takes another route like he did last week. Ash is just riding his luck – while he hasn’t been outstanding thus far, he also hasn’t fallen flat on his face yet, and as it’s pretty obvious now that it’s the girls who are the majority voters in this competition (as alluded to by Paul Moss recently), it helps to be good looking, I guess. Nita seems to be taking over the frontrunner position now, but she hasn’t impressed me enough. And again, as Paul Moss pointed out, the girls are splitting the votes between themselves – so don’t be surprised if Farah or Nita exit next week. And finally, Adam, the guy with technically excellent vocal abilities and almost zero stage presence and magentism. The fact that his name is the only one I couldn’t remember while writing this (had to look it up at the website) says it all.

Last season, I voted quite a few times for Jac. This season, I’m keeping my votes to myself – unless one of these under-performing bunch pull a major singing rabbit out of the hat – and they better do it soon.

* You can find MP3s of the performances of Jac and others here.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on MI2”

  1. just like the ads says nowdays, everyone is a critic nowdays… hahaha!!

    i saw some bits and pieces of the show here and there and to be honest with you, you’re right… it has turn in to a lame show… damn ass lame!!!

  2. I feel the same dood… like not much appeal this time. Problem is, I didn’t find any of them good enough, that’s why I sien to even constantly watch the show, let alone vote.

  3. I’ve been a big fan of Jaclyn Victor ever since she made her 1st
    appearance on TV in Latte@8 a couple of years ago.
    I am so proud that we have a talent that is comparable to
    other bigger talents like those found in USA,UK (even Indonesia)..
    Our local music industries always give ways to people with
    very typical Malaysian voice ( like Ziana Zain,Siti etc ).. I guess the composers want to make money with their pathetic local ballads.
    Those who have husky,big voice were not given fair chance to show
    what they got. I think MI opened the opportunity..
    Listening to 1st season’s Rydee, Zamil and others made me sticked to 8TV every Friday nights.
    MI2 is a bit frustrating. I thot Atilia,Trish or Farah would make the top3, I guess I was wrong. I’m not a fan on Nita’s, no offense..I just don’t see her star quality other than her sexy dress and brown-colored hair. She had had an edgy performance. I only love her rendition of Shelly Bessey’s Big Spender. Maybe it’s true..She won the vieweres’ heart over her sexy appearance

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