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The plan was originally this: my colleagues and I to go to Mid Valley Megamall on Saturday to watch Aamir Khan‘s latest Hindi flick, Mangal Pandey: The Rising.

Then one of my colleagues mentioned that he needed to go to downtown KL to his travel agency to address some issues with his planned flight back to his home in India. As such, we decided that, instead of watching the movie at Mid Valley, we’d watch it at KLCC instead, since it would be more convenient for him.

Then, we figured, since we were going to be at KLCC anyway, why didn’t we go check out the skybridge tour? I’d never actually been up to the skybridge before, since tickets are always gone by at least 11 am every day, so I thought I could actually do it now. Hence, we decided to meet up at KLCC at around 9 am to 10 am (since I was informed by Sharizal that I should at least be there by 10 to get the tickets).

So, Saturday morning rolls in – and I oversleep. (Don’t blame me, ‘k, I’ve been perpetually tired and stressed-out this last 2 weeks or so). My alarm clock also decided to take this opportunity to slow down by about 30 minutes. All in all, I was seriously running behind schedule and so decided to forego breakfast (took coffee though. Can’t do nothin’ without my mornin’ coffee fix) and took off for KLCC via Putra LRT.

I reached KLCC at around a quarter to 10 am, met up with my colleagues and made our way to the place where they give out skybridge tickets, and found out that the tickets allocated to the morning tour were all out. The only ones left were for the 2.30 pm tour, and since we’d already booked the movie tickets for the 2.10 pm slot, that pretty much meant that our chance of visiting the skybridge on the day was out the window.

So, instead of being up at the skybridge and taking pics of the land down below, I did it the other way round.

So now we had loads of time to kill, and no weapon with which to do it. It was then I remembered the Aquaria. Having seen it mentioned in the newspapers, TV and even some blogs, I suggested to my colleagues that it might be worth checking it out.

So we headed off to this newest of the KLCC stable of tourist attractions, which, by the way, is located inside the KLCC Convention Centre. Ask the staff at the Information Desk if you don’t know how to get there.

I had heard that the ticket prices for admission is half-price during this Merdeka month, and so I was temporarily dumbfounded when we found out that the price is RM 20 for adults – which means that it will be RM 38 from next month. Ouch.

But since we were there anyway, we went ahead and purchased the tickets and were immediately ushered in by a phalanx of very polite, very enthusiastic and very helpful staff personnel, who wished us well and reminded us to keep our tickets to be shown when we eventually exit. I did ask one female staff what’d happen if we lost the ticket – would we be locked in and not allowed to leave? Would we be fed to the sharks? She just giggled nervously and looked away.

The next time you’re in there, do look closely at the meat they feed the fishes, ok?

Alright, enough words for now. Time for some pictures.

I took all of them using my standard cheap digicam, which you’re allowed to take in by the way – as long as you DON’T USE THE FLASH!!!! I’m frankly stunned by the number of people who were flashing their cameras away at the fishes and snakes etc… please lah, if you can’t follow simple instructions like that (which are there for a reason), do us all a favour and don’t reproduce.

The green rat snake. No rats in sight. A staff member said it ate small mice. So why call it a rat snake?

That’s a monitor lizard, right? Iguana? Biawak?

There’s a horned toad in this picture. See it?

Small python. Also eats mice. I like taking snake pictures – I was born in the Year Of The Ssssssnake, you know….

A cool way of maximising fish storage space – put the small ones in a tube!

A closer look at the aquarium-tube-wossname.

This is truly a great place for the kids – it’s still fun for adults, but kids will just lap it up, especially if they love Finding Nemo.

A gorgeous piece of coral reef in miniature. It’s really quite beautiful to look at. I’m actually quite tempted to go diving. But first I guess I need to learn how to swim….

Another of those tube thingies, much smaller than the previous one. They really seem to love this style…

This is a very cool touch-screen information kiosk. The design is very clean and easy on the eyes, and the software is very responsive and fast. Plus there is a lot of useful info crammed into these devices. Definitely worth a lot of money. Now I can see why they’re charging so much for admission…

The very large tank wall near the exits. Bring the kids here after all the walking, sit down on the seats provided and let your offspring loose on the glass display. I found that most kids just loved this part, despite the simplicity of the experience (it is after all, just looking at fish through the glass).

OK, that was the pictures. And now, for the very first time on this blog, I proudly present to you – VIDEO!

Download the video here (10.78 MB, in WMV format)

Much of the footage here is from the tunnel “ride” (you basically get on a moving walkway that transports you through the tunnel, while you gawk at the fishes and manta rays and occasional shark that wanders by. Great for lazy people.) If you’re lucky, and I mean, REALLY lucky, you might be in time to watch the divers feed the sharks. Unfortunately, there’s no set time or schedule (at least, it’s not shown to the general public) so you never really know when the shark-feeding takes place.

There’s also a short bit showing the touch-screen information kiosk, and the whole video ends with some kids going nuts at the large tank glass wall. As I’ve said, the kids will just love it. If they don’t, dump them into the tanks, those ungrateful wret… oops, sorry, I’m in a Willy-Wonka-type-of-mood, right now, I guess… 😉


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  1. wow,fantastic photos……i think RM 20 is already considered expensive for me, after all the original price is actually RM38?!

  2. the Aquaria KLCC is apparently built to match Singapore’s Underwater World (http://www.underwaterworld.com.sg). I went to Underwater World about a month ago. The price was S$ 19.50 which is about RM43, which explains why the KLCC Aquaria is priced at around RM40. In the Singapore news a few days ago, they featured the Aquaria KLCC and the fact that they get a lot of help from Underwater world, and they hope to help each other in the future, like exchanging fishes.

  3. RM28 + RM28 + RM22 = RM78. What a turn-off! I have to cancel my trip there with my wife and son and rather spend the RM78 on something better. At least, you did a good job of reviewing the Aquaria. Thanks Hopefully, the price would come down soon.

  4. what the suck of the admission fee?i am not really understand why they impose this such expensive fee just to see the marine aquarium there.i am not keen to go if the price is RM 38.it is better to go to underwater world langkawi,nice creatures,very cheap,and also worth to spend money on souvenirs around there.

  5. the large tank is something like those in Sydney Aquarium and the tunnel ‘ride’ is like the one here;in Spore – the Underwater World..

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  7. Just a general question… Do you think this Aquaria thing is mainly towards “money making” effort or it can ACTUALLY help towards marine conservation? Bear in mind, I’ve nothing against the Aquaria. Just thinking in an environmentally manner. 😉

  8. Asther: It IS expensive, and in terms of educating the public on marine conservation, it could be effective if targeted properly – especially at the young ‘uns. However, I fear the cost of admission will price out the middle-to-working class people, leaving only the rich to enjoy the sights and to learn – if they’re so inclined – of the importance of protecting our marine ecology.

  9. Oh come on, its not that much money for something that you’ll probably only go to once, and its a fantastic experience…I thought the place was pretty impressive, and it must have cost a fortune to build it and put all those animals in. Costwise, imagine you’re skipping a nice lunch to see something in a very convenient area

  10. Honestly, I have a funny feeling that it isn’t cheap maintaining the place and if I know that the money goes to maintaining the place, I wouldn’t mind paying. After all, Taronga Zoo, Singapore Zoo wasn’t cheap but it was a great visit!!! Lets hope they get some funding too then maybe the prices would go down!

  11. hey man i was wondering if i could ask your permission if i could have some of the pics of the klcc aquaria for my BM project. Thanks man…… Please reply to email thanks…

  12. expensive??i dun think so.its not easy to maintaining the aquarium k.if u want all in good conditon, the price is reasonable for me.

  13. hey… come on guys… what makes u think that this place is expensive? if u were to go to langkawi or singapore to visit, imagine on the amount of money u need to spend on, use your brains lar to do some math calculations… the aquarium is brought to u right into the kl city is very rare to be seen, and i believe is the first in the world to host an aquarium in the city…
    its a nice place to visit… if u all would want to spend your money travelling paying the toll money and petro… no comments..

  14. think its great and they have school package, any cant see it cheap to maintain it being in a 6 star location and to maintain all those fishes …!

  15. I will be going on this weekend with my little 2 year son. I hope he will be loving the fishes very much. How the food there?

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