Too many secrets can’t be good for anyone

I first came across PostSecret via this blog, and to be honest, it freaked me out.

I didn’t want to go back – but every so often, someone links to it again on their blog and curiosity will get the better of me and I return to the site.

It still disturbs me – and I’m now addicted to it.

Because I too have hundreds of postcards with secrets scrawled on them – except that they’re all stored in my head.

And I now know you do too.

Postcard from PostSecret - Image Hosted by
*Just a random postcard I took from the site. Don’t read into it too deeply.


6 thoughts on “Too many secrets can’t be good for anyone”

  1. I’ve been to that blog b4. Yes, it’s freaky at times to know what thoughts people think. But then again, don’t we all have those kinda thoughts sometimes.

  2. Post Secret was one of the first blogs I book-marked.

    Some of the stuff is freaky at times, but I like the idea that I can take a look every Monday and tell myself that other people have much much bigger issues than I do.

  3. I like the Postsecret idea but after a while I noticed that a lot of the postcards have similar patterns, styles and even handwriting! Sure, some people might steal used ideas and maybe they even wrote in more than once (in which case, they need a therapist, pronto) but I think a lot of it is made up by the Postsecret people themselves – as some elaborate art project.

    Related: the new video for “Dirty Little Secret” by the All-American Rejects take this idea further…

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