Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate.

I’m still sleepy, having gone to bed late thanks to the match last night (sheesh, we should have buried – annihilated!! – them… but I guess it’s not a bad start to the season – long way to go yet..) and although I have as usual about a hundred topics to blog about, it’s likely none of them will ever get past the Draft pages…

Nevertheless, I’ll just jot down a few thoughts and ideas floating round, in the vain hope that I’ll actually be able to have time to expand on any of them in the future (while I get to grips with the problems Visual Studio .NET is causing to my PC – damn you, Microsoft, damn you to HELLL!!!)..

Malaysian Idol: I like Farah. And Faizull is very good – as a rocker. R&B ain’t his thing though. But I still hope he survives this week’s cut. But back to Farah – she reminds me of Anwar Robinson, the American Idol finalist. Like Anwar, Farah has a good voice and strong projection. I mean, the girl can sing! But her stage performance looked too…. fake. Artificial. Exactly what I thought of Anwar too – a lot of people were shocked at Anwar’s elimination, but if you looked at the whole package, you would have seen it coming. I just hope she stops “thinking” about her performance and just “feel” the song, you know what I mean? It’s one of the reasons Xerra is still around – not the best voice, but her stage performance is excellent. And another thing – is Farah single? Just being curious, that’s all… I just have a soft spot for girls with braces…
(* I just realised that this is my first post on this season’s Malaysian Idol, which is kinda odd seeing how I’m a big fan and after all my posts on last season… But that’s probably because Viewtru has setup an MI blog, and I’m more likely to comment there than post one of my own…)

Boro vs Liv: We should have won. Should’ve. Should’ve. Should’ve. Should’ve. Should’ve. And let’s just go get Owen, shall we…?

Haze is gone. Yay. It’ll probably be back. Bugger.

It’s raining in Bangsar now..

The problem with religion is that many people embrace it like some sort of dictatorship. Cannot question this, cannot wonder about that. What’s the point of having free will if you can’t even question stuff that rules the way you live?

Some blogger is using the “blogiverse” to generate some publicity. Reminds me of how The Blair Witch Project became such a huge hit. Too bad the sequel sucked like bad eggs.

If I ever quit blogging, I’d do it silently and without warning. Like

I. Cannot. Get. That. Crazy. Frog. Axel-F. Theme. Outta. My. Head.
Please. Shoot. The. Frog.

* Title is a line from the movie The Devil’s Advocate. Like you don’t know already…


2 thoughts on “Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate.”

  1. It was such a waste of time staying up till 2:30 a.m. just to see Gerrard miss 3 chances all on his own. I shudn’t hav promised my kawan to give updates on his favourite team.

    Crespo’s goal, on the other hand, was worth the wait. Dato’ Jose was right to be pissed off with the team’s performance, but Crespo’s left foot shot proves why Chelsea are odds-on favourites to retain their title.

    Davai Chelsea!

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