The Latest Spring/Summer Fashion Trend

3M Conical Respirator mask - Image Hosted by

What it says on the front:

WARNING: This respirator helps protect against certain particles. Misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, see supervisor or box or call 3M 1-800-247-3941. NIOSH

I just purchased this from a nearby pharmacy for RM 4. The pharmacist said that unlike the cheaper masks, this one can be worn many times until the white surface of the mask blackens.

I don’t know if he’s right – but I’m wearing it for the psychological value, anyway.

Weirdly enough, it doesn’t feel awkward walking around with a mask, unlike during the hazy months of years gone by. That’s because almost everyone else is wearing something too – conical masks, surgical masks, handkerchiefs etc.

I’ve even spotted a few Indonesian construction workers and domestic workers wearing masks. And when THEY start wearing masks, you KNOW it’s really bad.

Get off your butt, ASEAN. Enough with non-interference. Maybe some sanctions might jolt them a little – I propose we start by banning imports of all Indon dangdut music..

This post was a response to the general-call-for-bloggin-action requested by Aizuddin.
While you’re at it, go sign Rajan‘s petition to Move Sumatra Away – at least until they sort themselves out…
Or what the heck? Go direct to the big guy – tell President Susilo to forget GAM for a minute and think of us poor yuppies for a change.


2 thoughts on “The Latest Spring/Summer Fashion Trend”

  1. since this is the latest fashion in town, somebody should be hardworking to look for all the different kind of masks available, post them up (the pictures) with the name (made) and price.

    the one you have here, sashi, is 3M – a good brand name so i guess it is a quality one. how much does the surgical masks cost i wonder. since it is of cloth material, easier to carry around (can fold).

  2. Eh! That’s the same kind we use at work. (pharma company – making tablets and capsules) Hahahaha!

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