Microsoft Genuine Advantage Validation Tool

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Microsoft have finally begun requiring Windows users to verify that their copy of Windows is genuine before downloading add-ons or updates to the OS via Windows Update.

I also just read on LCF’s blog that security updates are exempt from this check.

And interestingly enough, this verification check has been cracked with a beautifully simple solution – details here.

I have no problems with these at the office, since all our OSs are either OEM or open-source, so verification took place without a cinch.

But in err… other locales… I might just be tempted to use the crack instead.

Please note – whether or not you use original or pirated OS, please update it. It’s amazing how many people – even so-called IT experts – refuse to protect their PC from harm simply because they believe they are immune.

People – if there’s one thing anyone who is ever online should know – NO ONE IS IMMUNE.


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  1. lucia: it seems that way.. i wouldn’t take a chance, if i were you, so if you want to keep your winXP updated, use the’s simple actually (just a matter of copying-and-pasting a javascript code into the address bar), so it shouldn’t be a problem… 🙂

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