5 Feet Away From An Angel

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I never learn my lesson.

Not long after a close encounter with a Goddess, I found myself today within whispering distance of my favourite Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor. (The Jaclyn Victor Fan Club website is, sadly, only viewable in IE. If you know who the webmaster is, please flog him in public.)

Once again, I wished I had a camera with me….

However, my colleagues at the office keep saying that, in lieu of a photograph, I should have acquired her autograph.

Thing is, I’m not really much of an autograph-hunter. Even when I was a kid studying in La Salle, Brickfields, and I would walk home from my school past the DBKL sports training ground, and I’d see local footballing heroes like Fandi Ahmad and Lim Teong Kim drinking teh tarik at a nearby stall, even then I never went and asked for their autographs.

The reason is this: no one would believe me. How many people know the signature of Fandi Ahmad? Or Lim Teong Kim? Or even Jaclyn Victor?

Not many.

Which basically means I could sign a piece of paper using Jac’s name (notice how I’m pretending to be on a first name basis with her? I love being deluded..) and pass it off as her autograph.

Not a very satisfying con to pull.

But a photograph though.. a picture is worth a thousand words… or maybe slightly less these days, depending on the current exchange rate.

So, from now on, I’m gonna be bringing my little amateur point-and-shoot camera EVERYWHERE. So watch out, selebriti-selebriti Malaysia, ‘cos here comes da Sashi!



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