Support The Blogathonners

So, yeah, go to, register yourself for free and sponsor any blogger (or group of bloggers) in their very commendable attempts to raise money for charity.

The minimum amount you can pledge is USD $1 (RM 3.8). I was thinking of donating USD $5 for one Malaysian blogger, but then couldn’t decide which one to support, so I ended pledging USD $1 each for 6 of them. I’m Anonymous, by the way…

They are:

(List copied from LcF)

While RM 3.8 USD $1 sounds like a small sum, many such small sums can add up to quite a lot.

So, go on then, support our bloggers.

UPDATE: And another thing – obviously, come the blogathon, the blogathonners will be pinging PPS quite a bit. Given PPS’ limitations, if everyone pings PPS at the same time as these bloggers, it’s possible that their message will get sidelined by other non-blogathon-pings, or conversely, the non-blogathon-pings might get drowned out by the sheer number of blogathon-pings. So perhaps, it might be prudent for us non-blogathonners to avoid pinging PPS during the 24-hour blogathon-period in order to give space for their message to be heard loud and clear.

Oh, wait. I just realised I don’t have many readers… Ah, screw it.

Malaysia Bloggers Boleh!


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  1. Hahaha…actually your name is there. We can see who you are when we log in. 🙂

    Haha…thanks for the pledge man. 🙂

    Appreciate it.

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