Input and Submit

OK, just a quick check with all 3 of my readers. (That’s YOU, by the way. And split personalities are counted as one, Dr Jekyll.)

What do you think of the design of this blog now? I’m trying to achieve some kind of harmony with the content as well as the Google Ads here.. (what can I say? Some people with little or no content are getting Adsense paychecks – I’ll be damned if I don’t want some of that action….)

And let me know if the ads are actually being displayed, or if they are appearing blank. I’m aware that whenever I post something that doesn’t contain any product keywords (which is often), then the Google Adsense end up either displaying the public service ads, or nothing at all.

If the ads bother you, let me know. I’ll try to move it around a bit or, as a last resort, remove them altogether.

And if I have to do that, then the onus is on you to feed me. Please send all items of nourishment to the usual address.

Thank you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled – albeit slightly boring (unless you work in a stripclub, in which case I envy you immensely) – Monday afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Input and Submit”

  1. It’s ok, though I like the 2 pane layout better. IMHO 3 pane kind of crowds the page. Anyway know any place I can sign up to be the resident boob-watcher at a strip club, I’ve been told I’m good at it 🙂

  2. i like this new layout. 3 columns like mine – centre for main post. but of course yours is much better than mine, which i really don’t know how to tweak it.

    the google adsense ads are ok and does not bother me at all. i see your ads do appear most of the time. and i see you have 2 ads unit and 1 link unit and all of them are working. sadly for me, though i have the same number, most of the time none of them are working. ayoh! me blog not good enough with contents lah. 😦

  3. Ads being displayed:-

    Publicize your Blog
    Turn RSS into Revenues
    Nobody reading your Blog?


    frankly, I dont’ really like the ads. I’ll endeavour to keep my site ad free but then again this has Sashi stamped all over so feel free to do whatever you like.

    BTW, can we have a bit more content on the front page instead of multiple “Continue Reading….”

  4. Hmm. Looks fine, actually. But if you don’t mind me adding a suggestion: you have two ad spaces on both of your side columns now. How about lumping them together into just one, i.e. switch your ‘Search’ bar with ‘Still Hungry’?

  5. the 3 panel site looks cool… you don’t have much ads which is nice…. some blogs are so crowded with ads – i think i’m in some ads site…

    by the way, your content is still the king… love it… keep it up…

    PS: sorry dude, no pix of the party… sorry to disappoint you…

  6. Yeah, it’s such a drag. I emailed an explanation to minishorts, since she’s been my blog pimp. She’s supposed to pass it to everyone thru her blog soon. Forgive me as I disappear for awhile.

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