How to make a cup of chai

(From Boing Boing)

Hob Gadling writes:

After getting pissed off with what Starbucks (and all the other coffee shops in the US) try to pass off as chai, I decided to make some real chai at work.

Hob very helpfully provides a step-by-step guide on how to go about making that perfect cup of chai.

He also adds these points to think about:

* Notice how I haven’t added any extra spices to the chai. This is basic chai as served and enjoyed by millions (billions?) of Indians everyday.
* You could try adding some cardamom during brewing. Very little, very very little. What most Indians actually add are the skins of some shelled green cardamom pods. Of course, only wimps do this sort of thing. Real men only drink real chai, not some wimpy brew containing strange spices. You want strange spices, go eat some curry.
* As you drink it, notice how those taste buds wake up from the coma that your daily coffee has put them in. Notice how your nose remembers that it’s alive and starts sending signals to your brain again.
* Drinking tea regularly will dramatically improve your sex life. (Why else would India and China, the largest tea consumers, also have the largest populations?)

Go on. Make that drink. Now excuse me while I get myself some caffeine…


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  1. I believe in balance. So when tea help improves it, I smoke and drink to counter it. Counter insurgency in a whole new outlook.

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