No Patents. Stevie G. Opera and Bit Torrent.

Small snippets in brief. How’s that for redundancy?

1. Software patent bill thrown out

European politicians have thrown out a controversial bill that could have led to software being patented.

The European Parliament voted 648 to 14 to reject the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive.

Responding to the rejection the European Commission said it would not draw up or submit any more versions of the original proposal.

Hi-tech firms supporting the directive said it was vital to protect the fruits of their research and development.

Opponents said, if passed, the bill would lead to the patenting of software which would jeopardise the prospects of small firms and open source developers.

Interesting… While Malaysia does not currently recognise software patents, there are some groups who are pushing for such a policy to be implemented here. Hopefully, this EU ruling will scupper any such proposals from being put forward in this country – at least for now.

2. Steven Gerrard explains U-Turn decision

Steven Gerrard has revealed he admitted he wanted to quit Liverpool because he feared the club did not want him.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “The last five or six weeks were the hardest of my life because I wrongly believed the club didn’t want me.”

He said: “I’ll be signing the deal, maybe even today (Wednesday). I’d also like it known there are no clauses in that contract…. I’ve committed my long-term future to the club and I want all the speculation to end now. This is what I’ve wanted all along.”

Gerrard now hopes to put the crisis behind him after threatening to leave Liverpool for the second successive summer. “I feel there is a weight off my mind and I just want us to put this mess behind us,” he said. “I’ve only one medal left to win at Liverpool and that’s the Premiership. That’s what I want more than anything and Liverpool is the only place I’ve ever wanted to win it….. I know there are some fans who’ll be supportive and some who won’t be. All I can say is it’s been a difficult period for me, but I know I’ve made the right decision…. In my heart, this is my club. I want to help bring success here for them and, for their sake and my own, I never want to go through this again.”

We don’t want to go through this again, either, Stevie. Sign the damn contract and lead us to the title, Captain!

3. Opera adds support for Bit Torrent

The next version of Opera will be able to download BitTorrents as well…. An official announcement will come tomorrow from Opera.

Does Firefox have this feature?


4 thoughts on “No Patents. Stevie G. Opera and Bit Torrent.”

  1. The EU made a wise decision and so did Gerard. He might not be richer but I am sure he is wiser.
    Firefox has a lot of extensions already (Chatzilla etc.) and with their base of volunteer developers, I am sure a Bit Torrent interface is not to far behind. Firefox is free. Opera is not.

  2. A Bittorrent client, eh? Desirable, although personally I prefer stand alone apps for that. Still, I’m sure supporters of Bram Cohen will come up with something for good old FireFox…

  3. At last, softare patents were thrown out. You cant imagine all the dirty tricks the proponents of software patens tried to pull. Once they even tried to pass it wihout vote at a fisheries/agricultural conference. Hopefully we dont sell our soul to software patents here, because it will mean the end of our locally produced software industry.

    I just hope we dont have to go through this whole Gerrard saga again.. ever.


    Screw firefox. Long live Seamonkey. Heheheh.
    Actually I use opera, so it’s kind of good news. But I dont use bittorrent. So that kind of beats the purpose.

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