Stevie G’s Staying At Anfield!!

Here I am thinking that will-he-won’t-he saga has finally ended, and this happens.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has had a dramatic change of heart and decided to stay at Anfield.

Chelsea looked set to land Gerrard after having an initial £32m bid rejected by Liverpool.

But Gerrard has another change of heart after talks with chief executive Rick Parry, who said: “He realises how much the club means to him.”

Gerrard is now expected to sign the new contract on offer worth £100,000-a-week, a deal he initially snubbed.

Parry had admitted defeat in the battle to keep Gerrard at Liverpool on Tuesday, but emerged on Wednesday morning to reveal the sensational twist.

He said: “Stevie’s decided to stay. It’s a little bit like last year, only even more dramatic.

“In the language he used to us, he never said he wanted to go. He never said ‘I wanted to go’.

“I think in the last 24 hours he has reflected on it, he’s thought it through and he wants to stay.

“There were lots of late-night phone calls and early morning phone calls. I couldn’t be more delighted. It is what we wanted all along.”

And he added he expected no problems over the new contract, saying: “I think that’s already hammered out. I don’t think there is an issue with that any more.”

Talk about a roller-coaster…..


8 thoughts on “Stevie G’s Staying At Anfield!!”

  1. stevie, stevie, stevie… with a few more months until kick off… i really can’t say whether he’s really going to stay or not…!

  2. You know what?

    He’s really starting to become a prima donna. It’s nice to see he’s SAID (actually it’s Parry’s word) that he is ‘staying’ but please, either stick with us 100% commited or LEAVE. I can’t take any more heart breaks.

    and Rafa, tell me SWP is the ‘big’ signing come Friday!

  3. Yeah, let’s wait till he signs the new contract. The whole thing with the leave-won’t leave situation is getting me quite pissed.

    I’m hoping Stevie G signs a contract that would actually seal his place at Anfield, at least for the next couple of years. But in the world of football…it’s not surprising that this whole saga is going to be replayed again next year.

  4. I’ll wait til i see the news that he has actually signed the contract first. My, oh my friggin god…. how fickle minded can you get?! Man, this whole “saga” has left a bitter after taste on the mouth, and seriously, i can’t see myself seeing Stevie G in the same light, for now at least.

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