sashi-isms is WordPressed!

Well, it’s a new engine under the hood.

The main reason for my switch to WordPress from MovableType is that WP is PHP-based while MT is Perl-based, and since I’m far more comfortable with PHP, it makes more sense to go with something that I can understand.

Of course, there’s also the spam issue, and since several WP bloggers claim that they don’t suffer from the problem, switching to WP does seem to be a no-brainer. Although whether this blog will continue to be spam free remains to be seen.

Finally, a bit about the template. I like my templates simple and minimalistic. I might continue to muck about with the stylesheet a bit more, but this look is essentially it. I’ve thought about jazzing it up a bit, but that just wouldn’t be me, now would it?

Well, there you have it. I’d like to assure you that nothing will change content-wise here, which is to say I’ll still write about inane, trivial and quite unbelievably and spectacularly boring topics that only I and 7 other people on this planet might find remotely interesting, of whom 4 are dead, by the way.

I’m still hunting down the other three.

Anyway, please do take note of the slightly changed URL: it’s now The MT blog will remain where it is for another week or so to redirect lost souls, but will eventually be removed and replaced with a hardcore pr0n site.

I’m kidding. It’ll be softcore, of course.

Take note also of the new RSS feed URL: feed:

Well, till the next post, then.

Update: Quick shoutout to Ash and LcF for their invaluable assistance, recommendations and pointers regarding this migration. I belanja teh tarik, ok?


10 thoughts on “sashi-isms is WordPressed!”

  1. Nice one – keep it simple. I do keep mine simple as well, for lack of knowledge of MT, hehe. But as long as you blog quality, I will come back to your page, especially since it loads so fast.

  2. Welcome to WordPress, m’boy. It’s a lovely CMS, and I’m glad that I myself moved it. I had become awfully tired of deleting my comment spams in MT, and it wasn’t very expandable, because it was a blogging system, not a CMS like WordPress.

    I love WordPress.

  3. haha have fun with your new babe, dont forget to patch once in awhile, if not she will get AIDS 😛

  4. WordPressssss is goood. WordPressss is alwayssss goood.

    The world of plugins at your fingertips. Hope you have Spam Karma 2 or Bad Behavior installed. Other than that. Explore everything. I’ll be at the #wordpress irc channel if you ever get stuck with a problem. 🙂

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