Goodbye Captain

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So Stevie G is leaving, after all. This, after everyone concerned had for weeks made us believe that his future at Liverpool was assured.

This sucks.

We are champions of Europe. We have, as manager, one the best tacticians of the modern game. We’ve got a core group of good players who are experienced and hungry for more glory. And we’re adding more players to this group, players who could play a major part in the new Rafa-Revolution.

We offered him £100,000-a-week.

And after all this, he says he wants to leave.

My first reaction was one of fury. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This is his boyhood club. He was – is – our captain.

Remember the comeback in Istanbul? Remember how, in the words of Phil Thompson:

“He picked up that team and drove it. You had that six foot-plus figure running at them [AC Milan] and scaring the life out of them. It was a magnificent sight.”

But now, I’ve become resigned to the fact the he’s going. Although I’m still holding out hope that he ends up choosing Real Madrid over Chelsea, ‘cos I’d sure as hell hate to see him play against us in the EPL.

We could certainly use the money, of course. £40 million, or £35 million, or even £32 million, can add a lot of good players to the side. More cash is expected from the eventual offloading of players like Kewell, etc so we will find ourselves in a good financial position to challenge the others.

And regarding the question of who’ll be the one to fill in Stevie G’s shoes as captain, well, it’s a foregone conclusion, isn’t it? Jamie Carragher, the player in Shankly’s own image, the perennial loyal servant of the only club he’ll ever love. Indeed, in that Champions League final, it was as if we had TWO captains, with both Stevie G and Carra double-teaming to inspire the players and fans towards achieving that spectacular finale.

Nevertheless, Carra’s not a player who drives the team forward to attack. Some say we already have such a player in Xabi Alonso. We already know of his considerable talent for passing and creating opportunities, and his vision in going forward. But can he lead the team forward in attack, creating fear and panic in the hearts of the opposing defence?

Here’s hoping he does.

28 years ago, a few months after I was born, Liverpool reached the pinnacle of success – European Cup victory – for the very first time under manager Bob Paisley. A few months after that, our star player, the leading light of the glorious team of the 70’s – Kevin Keegan – left Liverpool for Hamburg SV, while still at the peak of his game.

Suppporters were stunned and distraught. “What now?”, they asked. “How can we replace a player who had been such an integral part of the success we had achieved?”, they lamented.

Then the club went and bought Kenny Dalglish as Keegan’s replacement, and the rest is spectacular history.

We supporters like to tell everyone that no man is above the club. Now it’s time to walk the walk.

Let’s prove the doubters wrong, Men of Anfield. Lead the way, Captain Carragher.

Viva la Rafa-lution!!

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9 thoughts on “Goodbye Captain”

  1. We, fans, go through this every summer, don’t we? Except in my case the big move did not materialise last summer. For this Gooner, if you have stars in your team, you just have to live with the heartbreaks, the feeling of betrayal and anger year in and year out.

    Any offers for Tierry Henry?

  2. I’d been resigned to him leaving since last summer. and when we won, i thought, hey, great, he’s staying after all, so we don’t need to buy another partner for Xabi.

    but after all this drama of ‘not feeling wanted’ and what not, and now that he really IS leaving, i say good riddance, and thanks for all the money.

  3. Sad but true. In most ways, this sucks more than the Owen saga and i have more respect for how that deal was done but this one will leave every liverpool fan screaming. Utterly disgusting.

  4. Goodbye stevie G. Thanks for all the memories, but please close the door on your way out. You want out, then by all means go. We could use the 30-40 million quid, and a year without another “will he or wont he go”.

    I guess he just grew too big for his own boots and thought of himself being bigger than the club. Sad.

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  6. I want Stevie to stay at liverpool
    and Owen must come back to liverpool now
    we want to have with good team this year.

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