PPS Bash in Star In-Tech

The recent PPS bash is covered (somewhat briefly) in today’s Star In-Tech section.

However, at the time of writing, I am unable to locate the article in The Star’s online edition, so have a look at page 3 of the pullout’s hardcopy, ok?

You’ll recognise the article from the accompanying photograph of four of the bloggers who attended the bash – Kenny Sia, Choo Ki, Huai Bin and Suanie. You can also just about notice Nessa in the background too…


One thought on “PPS Bash in Star In-Tech”

  1. yeah i saw it. so short article. was expecting more.

    wow! the same 3 who got featured last time were in again… plus HB of sixthseal.

    the online version will come late, maybe tomorrow.

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