Britain’s First Jedi MP

Yes. A Jedi has made it to Britain’s House of Commons.

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earthlingpink writes “In his maiden speech to the House of Commons, the Hon. Member for Copeland, Jamie Reed MP, announced that he is a Jedi: “as the first Jedi Member of this place, I look forward to the protection under the law that will be provided to me by the Bill” (the quotation is a fair way down the page; search for ‘Jedi,’ not surprisingly)….”

Will this mean the end of the monarchy? Is this the beginning of the rise of the Republic? Will we finally have balance in the Force???


7 thoughts on “Britain’s First Jedi MP”

  1. Haha imagine this happening in our Parliament. Lim Kit Siang makes a grand comeback, proclaiming himself a Sith Lord. I wonder which Minister will then dare to stand up and shout, “Racist, racist, duduk, duduk!”

  2. Cool.

    Watch out for BBC’s special broadcast on:

    The Attack of The MP Clones, to be screened back to back with Dr Who’s Rise of The Daleks mini series.


  3. The future is upon us. Are we ready? No, we’re not. WTF. Light saber on. Bring on the clones!

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