5 Feet Away From A Goddess

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I just came back from lunch in an Indian restaurant in TTDI, where I found myself sitting not more than 5 feet away from Maya Karin. The Maya Karin.

She looked sooooo hot in a sleveless white top and light brown skirt.

I’m amazed I was able to spoon my food into my mouth, seeing how I spent most of my time shamelessly gawking at her. And when she walked past my table – her gorgeous body mere inches from mine – on the way to the sink, it was sheer good fortune that I did not tip my glass of limau ais all over my lap.

Let me tell ya – she is so much more stunning in real life as compared to on screen.

If only I had my camera with me….


7 thoughts on “5 Feet Away From A Goddess”

  1. aiyo!!!! wasted only….so did she have that snobbish kinda air about her? the kind ‘stars’ tend to have when they are out in public?

  2. james: I’d have taken a picture of myself, developed it, wrote my number on the back, hand it to her, get kissed in return, leave, answer the phone (its her, of course), accept her proposal to get married, elope, spend our honeymoon in Europe, have tonnes of kids and live happily ever after. No, really.

    Yvy: She appeared normal. Or at least as normal as a super-hot celebrity babe can ever be….

  3. Bro, I even got to speak to Maya one time not too long ago.

    Me: Let me move that chair out of the way.
    Maya: Thank you.

    And then she walks past. End of story.

  4. Sarah Tan was in my office once and walked pass my desk….

    My jaw dropped.

    And went to Shanghai and sat in on a Cindy Burbridge interview.

    Couldn’t find my jaw afterwards.

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