Pondering Ponderously

Does this blog even matter? If I upped and deleted this blog, you know, just do a Dina-Zaman-like-exit-from-blogosphere, what would happen?

Nothing, that’s what.

And ain’t that just the most depressing thing ever.

I so very seriously need a life.


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  1. Probably the same thing that’d happen to me, except that Hani would get on my case. About 30 people will me for about 20 seconds me if I go, probably less, but they’ll move on.

  2. “The world is impermanent. One should constantly remember death.” – SRI RAMAKRISHNA.

  3. in the beginning, people (at least those regular readers/comenters) will missed your blog, then later on… well… they’ll move on, as t-boy pointed out.
    same like my blog too.

    sashi, are you considering to stop blogging? don’t you dare eh!

  4. “Does this blog even matter?” What are you on? Has the climate changed since the PPS Bash?

    My free advice over the internet: Have your life AND your blog. Is your blog to you a job? A hobby? An obsession? Sort it out and don’t sweat it.

  5. Dude, don’t even think about it!!!! If not you sure gonna kena my spring onion chop. Haiiiiyarghhhh!!!!!

    Take a break don’t quit, don’t most of all delete your blog. trust me. I still miss my olde blog. And thanks to my trigger happy finger I will not get back a years’ worth of blogs again. Puff just like that, a part of my life gone.


  6. hooray!! no more liverpool-worshipping posts!! heheheheh… where got.. I’d miss the kutuk-mengutuk session that comes with it.

  7. It’s funny, I was thinking the EXACT same thing recently. But then I realized it was all about the shock value. Seriously, don’t delete the blog, and don’t stop blogging. If you do delete the blog, start a new one and make everyone search for it (that’s what I was thinking about doing..hehe). Anyway, what I’m getting at with all this rambling is: if you stop blogging I’ll hunt you down and kill you. Well, I won’t kill you, but I’ll shake you really hard. Or at least say mean things to you. Or cry. Yes, I’ll cry.

  8. Thanks for your comments, people. I’m not stopping, just wondering. The PPS Bash and all the publicity heaped upon bloggers here just made me question whether my blog still fits in the general scheme of things. Whether I should start getting serious, writing about pressing issues, generate intellectual debates and stuff like that. You know, whether I should getting “responsible”.
    But then I realised I don’t – or can’t – do that. This blog is nothing more than a means of “expressing myself” (forgive the cliche) or, more bluntly, it’s my online ego trip.
    And my ego needs constant massaging, so my blog stays – regardless of how prestigious or famous the general Malaysian blogging phenomenon becomes, and how insignificant a role this blog ends up playing in that drama.
    What the hell am I talking about? Somebody get me some coffee, will ya?

  9. Dude. Get off whatever pills you’re on and come on back to the ground.

    Your blog is about you – not the fame, not the glamour, not the blogroupies hanging on your every word IRL, not the gatherings where people snap your photos and say things like:

    “God you’re so profound!”

    It’s an extension of the Sashi-dude I’ve come to consider a friend, and having you thinking of going offline would be a blow to all of us regular bloggers. So whatever it is you write in the future dood, be it soccer-rants, SW Trivia, or just plain old what happened to your day, my subscription to your little corner of the web stays.

    Peace out, dood.

  10. Ash: Now THAT’s what I wanted to hear. Much obliged, amigo. And so my mini-drama-moment ends. We now return you to your regularly scheduled whatever.

  11. I knew it! I knew the climate changed since the Bash!

    Come one Sashi, I thought you were a class above this. Apparently you’re like so many other bloggers who turned insecure in the wake of the Bash where all the “cool kids” were. I always thought you’re cool, dude. So relax and do what you do.

  12. y’know what? if it helps,yours is the only blog i religously read. everyday. 🙂 so dont stop ok?

  13. Haiyo Sashi. Dont la wei. Nanti when I balik I PROMISE to buy you limau ais and print out a picture of Maya Karin in hi-res photo glossy paper. Amacam?

  14. I should have commented earlier.

    I say you should stop blogging. I be the manager, you go up on stage and say something funny.

    We make enough to eat roti canai each day, dude. Think about it. Call me.

  15. It’s amazing what the recent media coverage has done to the ‘blog world’ which, I don’t know if I should say I’m ashamed, or proud, to admit – never knew existed. I started blogging last year because it was way more legible than my scraggly diary entries (yes, call me old fashioned, I still kept those) & my cousin had to start one for a Uni project or something.
    A few months ago, I chanced upon one or two blogs that had been around since 2001 and I was surprised. Imagine my utter amazement when I came across PPS, particularly the recent ‘I want to be a famous blogger’/’I don’t care about fame – I blog because I want to’ fiasco. I’ll be the first to admit that I too had those thoughts. I too questioned my motives.

    No matter what ANYONE says, no matter WHAT they say, people will think what they want to.

    There’s more than two sides to a coin.

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