Of birthdays and TIME

Just a couple of things, since I know no one’s gonna be reading this because they’ll be at the bash

I read somewhere (for some reason, I’ve lost the link – if you know of the site in question, let me know) that probability-wise, when in a group of 23 people, the odds that at least 2 people will share the same birthday (just date and month, not year) is very good (over 50%).

Since there’d be quite a number of people at Charlie’s Place tonight, I wonder if anybody out there reading this and going there will indulge me in performing this little experiment. You know, just ask around and see if any two birthdays match up. Thanks…

The other thing is that TIME magazine have published their 50 Coolest Websites list. Check it out and see if you agree. They even have a section on Blogs too…


4 thoughts on “Of birthdays and TIME”

  1. i’m not gonna be going for the bash too. damnitions. anyway, lemme know if you find out who shares august 1st with me.


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