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The Star’s Star Two section has an article on four of our more popular bloggers today.

In Malaysia, there are at least 10,000 bloggers, according to Aizuddin Danian, 29, co-founder of Project Petaling Street ( or PPS as it is fondly known, a “blogtal” (blog-portal) that allows Malaysian bloggers to post updates on their latest posts, and also serves as a directory.

StarTwo takes a look at four popular Malaysian bloggers to catch a glimpse of the real person behind the blog, and to see how blogging has changed their lives.

The four bloggers are Peter Tan, Minishorts, Kenny Sia and Suanie (whose pretty face is gracing the cover of Star Two).

Things I did not know about these bloggers that I do now:

  • I did not know Peter Tan was a former Hong Kong Cantonese serial addict. Glad you’re now a blog addict instead, Peter.. 😉
  • I did not know Minishort’s real name. And her age. And that her eyes are so damn sexy…
  • I did not know Kenny has yet to update his ‘About Kenny‘ page
  • I did not know Suanie’s full name. And that she’s 24. And that she’s a *gasp* management student! (Ok, that’s just me trying to inject a bit of drama…)

Congratulations, guys and gals!

Majulah Blog Untuk Negara!

p.s. Do we even have a Malay word for blog? And I don’t mean jurnal


12 thoughts on “Bloggers in The Star”

  1. Heheheh. Cool la. Congrats to them.Hope the mainstream media will also start highlighting the many benefits of blogging 🙂

  2. goody! today we see again an article on blogging in the paper. it’s good that now blogging is being recognise. congrats to all the 4 for being features (esp. peter tan, who i think had been features countless no. of times)

  3. Hiyo, sesawang refers to the actual spider’s web. We’ll actually need a contextual translation of “web” for translation purposes.

    Since log is also *log* in BM, and website translates into *laman web*, then weblog would translate into *log web*. Given that, I believe we could also argue that the BM translation of blog is *blog*; or, in the true spirit of Bahasa Malaysia baku: *Belog*.

    end of lecture ;P

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