Doh! Doh! grumble grumble DOH!!!!

You wanna know what sucks?

Logging into the GSC cinema website.

Reserving ONE solitary ticket for Mr and Mrs Smith for the only day and time slot for which I’m free to catch a movie during the week.

Not quite quick enough to note down the reservation number because my browser decided to crash (Even Firefox is not immune, sadly enough).

Figuring it’s not a problem since a copy of the reservation number is automatically sent to my e-mail account.

Logged into my Yahoo e-mail account.

No mail in my Inbox. Lotsa mail in my Junk Mail folder.

Opened the Junk Mail folder.

Saw the mail from somewhere in the middle of the list, under another Viagra mail and above a promo mail for Apple.

Clicked on the mail from

Yup, it’s the reservation number.

Before noting it down, had to go to the server room to check why the heck the internet was sooooo slow (was trying to download the Beethoven MP3‘s from the BBC website).

Came back from server room. (Have no idea why internet is slow. Well, maybe, one idea. Streamyx. Urgh.)

Was a little distracted.

Saw the Junk Mail folder in browser window.

Instinctively, as I have done countless times, I clicked on ‘Empty’.

All Junk Mail gone. With GSC cinema reservation number. Doh!

Went back to

Tried to reserve another solitary ticket for Mr and Mrs Smith for the only day and time slot for which I’m free to catch a movie during the week.

Was informed that “the movie for the selected time and date was fully booked. Sorry”.



14 thoughts on “Doh! Doh! grumble grumble DOH!!!!”

  1. Hehehe …. shit happens. Sorry to hear about this! My favourite cinema back home was Amcorp Mall cinema… always empty, guaranteed to get seats. And they always play the latest blockbusters too πŸ™‚

  2. booking cinema tix can be a real pain these days. in suria, the line stretches for half a mile. the maxis m-cinema is unreliable. its impossible to get thru the damn ‘hot’line. only thing to do is to wait one month until the show is old, and only to find its no longer showing…

  3. Dude, I believe even if you lost your reservation number, they can still verify your reservation via your phone number or personal details. I did that once or twice but via TGV. πŸ™‚

  4. Err Sashi – log on into gsc and on one of the top headers – booking history will show – click on it – ur reservation number should be there :))

  5. you poor thing! i’m gonna sneak out and watch it tomorrow. brad pitt and angelina jolie!!! here’s to hoping visithra is right about the history-booking thing.


  6. Sounds like a nightmare! Sympathies! So..have you watched it yet? Is it good? I’m waiting for Batman Begins….but having both Angelina and Brad on screen is a tempting prospect.

  7. Zsarina: No, I haven’t watched the Smiths yet. Might decide to do a double-bill this weekend and catch both Smiths and Batman in one day.

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