Sedutan Hari Ini

*At a regional airline company’s promotional booth*

Company rep: Hello, sir. We are from -bleep- Airlines. Here’s our brochure.. would you like to know more about our services?

Visitor: Yes.. err.. do you have flights to Europe?

Company rep: Oh yes! They’re among our most popular routes! For example, we have flights to Vancouver 5 days a week!

Visitor: *pause*

Visitor: Err, no, I mean, err… Europe. Eropah.

Company rep: Oh, of course, of course, currently we are having a promotional discount for flights to Sydney and..

Visitor: Err.. takpelah.. thanks anyway… *walks away shaking head*


11 thoughts on “Sedutan Hari Ini”

  1. metria,
    u mean vancouver and australia not in europe ah? must be my bad geog teacher.. sorry cikgu

  2. vancouver is in canada.

    i guess the company rep. have not heard of europe. s/he might thought it is a country by itself.

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