Men Of Anfield – I Salute You!

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To all those who SMS’d me this morning at half-time with your messages of condolences and taunts and teasings, thank you.

You see, I was this close to calling it quits and going back to sleep. 3-0 down after 45 minutes against Milan, well, that seemed to be the end of the road. I knew Rafa would ensure that we wouldn’t play as badly in the 2nd half as we did in the 1st, but it seemed the damage had been done.

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Fortunately, you kept me busy enough reading and replying to your SMS’s until the start of the second half and the amazing 6-minute goal burst that followed.

And I thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness one of the greatest matches in Liverpool -and European – history.

Walk On. Heheheheh….. πŸ˜€

P.S. So, Roadie, so when are you going to shave your head bald, stop drinking Kilkenny AND walk around Bangsar wearing Liverpool’s away jersey – or was that all just drama je…?

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9 thoughts on “Men Of Anfield – I Salute You!”

  1. Unbeliveable match… this has to be one of the greatest come back in European cup history. Ol’ Big Ears is back. πŸ˜€ Walk on…

  2. Oh no, another liverpool fan; you people seem to be coming out of the woodwork today… πŸ˜›

    Congratulations to Liverpool FC, the 5th mightiest team of the English League. I sincerely hope you get to defend your title next season, as I don’t want to hear any scousers or pseudo-scousers moan when Chelsea win the Big Cup next season. *hehehe*

  3. This has GOT to be the most nerve-wracking match I’ve ever watchdei nmy LIFE. my hand scouldn’t stop shaking throughout the penalty shootout, and my heart nearly stopped when Dudek made that double save from Shevchenko.

  4. eyeris: yeah! everytime someone was stepping up to take a penalty, i was gripping my remote and hissing at the screen “SCORE! SCORE!” or “MISS! MISS!”

  5. I missed the penalties!!!
    Damn Desperate Housewives and non-football-friendly flatmates! but hey, that 2nd half was worth a billion! Jumping back on the horse indeed! Ride on, boys!

  6. The greatest European come back of all time.

    And can there be a better team to beat than AC Milan? They were utter class but we had the most brilliant 6 minutes in European football history. That just makes this victory even more sweet.

    Thank You Rafa. Thank You.

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