PPS Awards: Pings Of The Year

PPS Chief Aiz is asking PPS members to add to the nominations for The Best Ping of the Year category of the PPS Awards.

I’ve already nominated my choices for the Ping Of The Year (POTY):

But, of course, these aren’t my only favourite choices. Truth is, there are tonnes of really great pings that have appeared on PPS pages this past year, and I wish I could nominate them all.

Unfortuntely I can’t – but you, dear reader (if you happen to be a PPS member) can.

I’ve tried to dig up from the deepest recesses of my mind some of my favourite pings of the last year by some of my favourite bloggers – feel free to nominate them on the POTY page if you agree with my estimation.

To start with, I’m somewhat surprised that there really aren’t any nominations for any tsunami-related pings. (There are a couple of nominations for two of Peter‘s pings, but they were about the more recent tremors rather than the Dec 26 tragedy.) Let’s not forget that PPS bloggers’ response to the tsunami was noted pretty much all over the world, with many international blogs and online news sites linking to a few of our top bloggers who were covering our side of the disaster.

Two of the bloggers who kept us up-to-date are Jeff Ooi and Peter Tan. Now, perhaps a reason why Jeff’s and Peter’s tsunami pings were not nominated could be that it wasn’t just ONE ping, but a series of pings. Fortunately, Aiz’s Vision 20/20 saw him add a sentence to the rules for nominating a ping for the POTY category:

A ping submitted to PPS in the last 12 months. Represents a single posting, or a posting as part of a series. The best ping received by PPS in June 2004 – June 2005.

As such, it is prefectly acceptable to nominate a specific ping to represent a series of pings. So, I offer for your consideration, Peter Tan’s Earthquake in Penang ping (since it was the first of his tsunami-related posts) and Jeff Ooi’s Tsunami Kills 43 In Malaysia, Over 8,700 In Region (same reason as Peter’s).

Another local ping that attracted the attention of an ‘international’ (read: American) audience was Jordan’s An open letter to the American people. Now that ended up attracting a whole lot of negative comments from some American Republicans who ended up on his blog. Unfortunately, Haloscan ‘relocated’ those comments after some time (for their own protection, see), so you don’t get to see those nasty, nasty insults and barbs they fired at poor ole’ Jordan. But trust me, they were BAD.

Now, the next one I present to you is one of the BEST written posts that I’ve ever seen ping PPS. T-Boy’s Blogs and Estate 5: Why One Is Not the Other. A highly-recommended read for anyone who is interested in the relationship between journalism and blogging.

Wait a minute! What about TV Smith? Arguably Malaysia’s most popular blogger, TV’s many satricial postings have achieved a notoriety of sorts as one of the most plagiarised articles in Malaysian internet circles. There are just too many of his articles to put forward as ping of the year, so do check out his archives. Meanwhile, here’s some of my favourite TV Smith posts for the past one year:
Uncle Ho Cares
Blogger Commits Journalism
The Real Olympics
… and so on.

Let us also not forget Viewtru‘s Ms Lai Ma! While the intrepid 5Star columnist has written many a scoop (all published on Viewtru’s blog), one of my favourites has to be the infamous Dear Lai Ma on ‘Sex in Kancil’ (which is also commonly plagiarised). Heheheh, damn, it’s still funny even after multiple readings…

Well, at this point I was going to shamelessly trot out a couple of my old posts and try to angle for a nomination, but fortunately for you, I’m now a little tired. So I’ll leave you with a request – go visit your favourite blogs and look through their archives. Pick out your favourite post or two and advertise it (either on your own blog, here or elsewhere) and maybe someone among the many, many PPS members out there will nominate it if you can’t.

Now please excuse me while I go make myself some coffee.


3 thoughts on “PPS Awards: Pings Of The Year”

  1. ya, that’s our good ‘ole sashi, who had been unofficially helping aiz to promote the PPS award.
    *clap along with aiz*

    talking about tsunami, i had blog many times on tsunami too and one (or was it a series) of my tsunami blog had been picked up by the singapore strait times.

    ah now you remind me of viewtru’s lai mai series. since i had only one nomination for best ping, i will go and nominate viewtru’s ping as one of them… but the problem is it is quite difficult to tell/remember whether viewtru (or any other blogger) had ping whatever blog topic. methink that is also one of the reason the nominations are not so many. i guess most of the pings nominated will be recent pings. speaking of which, i wonder is there somewhere on PPS archives where we can view all pings made?

  2. Aiz: Thank you, thank you. 🙂

    lucia: You’re right – our memories are indeed quite short, and we can’t be expected to remember many of the posts (except our own! :P) pinged to PPS over the years. However, there are some which, in my opinion, have made such an impression that you’re bound to remember them for some time e.g. Peter’s tsunami posts, and of course the controversy on Berita Harian vs Screenshots…

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