I don’t get it. Is it SO difficult to just add a line at the end of a post saying you got the contents from an e-mail or external source?

You can give a multitude of excuses, and you might spin it a hundred different ways, but when you post something that was written by someone else (even if you don’t know who the author is), NOT acknowledging the fact that you DIDN’T write it is pretty much the same as pretending you DID write it.

Maybe I shouldn’t be irked. But I am. That’s just me, I guess.

N.B. I was going to link to a blog for context – but I decided not to. Maybe because I feel sorry for him (he’s a new blogger on the block). Or maybe I haven’t the time nor energy to become embroiled in a flame war. But in any case, if you’ve been faithfully checking out PPS blogs for the last few months, you might know who I’m talking about.


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