The PPS Awards

Remember school?

Remember taking exams?

Remember waiting for the results?

Remember finding out you scored much lower than you expected, and so you complain loudly to all and sundry, only to find out later that it was actually your own fault because you misunderstood the question and hence you answer was completely wrong and way off-the-mark??

It’s like that over at the PPS Awards nominations wiki.

The rules as defined seem pretty clear cut – the nominees for the categories should be people who have been pinging PPS consistently over the last one year (or in the case for the Neophyte category, for the last 6 months). Also, for the Neophyte category, the nominee’s blog should not be older than 6 months.

Oh, and the rules make it pretty clear that this is only the NOMINATION stage. After this comes the CHOOSING-THE-FINALISTS stage, where the PPS Administration (Aiz?) select the 3 FINALISTS for each category. How is this done? The main criteria seems to be by counting the number of nominations. (Although I wouldn’t rule out Aiz slipping in a wild card or two if there is a tie among nominees or if there aren’t enough nominees.)

In other words, you’re ENCOURAGED to nominate an existing nominee again – as can be seen in the Neophyte category, where Kenny Sia is leading with the lion’s share of the nominations. (Of course, you can’t nominate the same blog repeatedly in the same category and you’re only allowed a maximum of 3 nominations per category).

Only after all this is done do we get down to the actual voting, which will begin on June 2nd.

Nevertheless, despite the clear-cut processes and rules and regulations, there still are people who seem to misunderstand the whole procedure. There are people who nominate long-time blogs in the Neophyte category, people who are deleting nominations because they misguidedly believe that a blog needs to be nominated only once (so repeated nominations can be removed), people who are nominating blogs that do NOT ping PPS…..


Of course, Aiz will eventually sort the wheat from the chaff in the end, but let’s make his job a little easier by reading the rules and regulations before we submit our nominations, ok?

With regards to my own involvement, I’ve nominated Lainie, James (Loopy Meals) and Jordan (Macvaysia) for Blog Of The Year, as well as nominating Lainie’s ‘Fip‘, James’ ‘Baby’s Day Out‘ and Jeff Ooi’s ‘Screenshots vilified on Berita frontpage‘ for Ping Of The Year.

I haven’t decided whether to nominate anyone for Neophyte Blog Of The Year, seeing how it’s going to be a walkover for Kenny Sia anyway (although, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a little competition.. )

so, if you happen to be a PPS member, and you have yet to nominate anyone (or have yet to exhaust your 3 nominations), go on and do your DOO-TEE.

Oh, and by the way, thanks Jordan for the nomination. Very kind of you (err, the cheque is in the mail, ok?)

P.S. Is it spelled ‘check’ or ‘cheque’? I am always confused about this. But then again, I’m always confused about everything….


8 thoughts on “The PPS Awards”

  1. quote: “people who are deleting nominations because they misguidedly believe that a blog needs to be nominated only once (so repeated nominations can be removed)”

    sir, i am guilty of that.
    *hang head in shame*

  2. eyeris: Thanks, dude. So we’re using the British style, right? I say, jolly good show then…

    lucia: Hehe, that wasn’t meant as a dig at you. Besides, others were doing it too.

  3. james: Err, thanks dude. But you sure you wanna do that? I mean, if you deconstruct the name, you get this: Jesse Sa SHIT an….. 😛

  4. Hehehehe… great post.

    Actually, i will consult a few other people about the Finalists. It won’t be a unilateral decision on my part.

    I suppose you can guess who these “few other people” are… 🙂

  5. don’t worry sashi. of course i know it wasn’t meant as a dig at me. you said it in general but since i was one of the guilty party so i just admit it.

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