Darth Vader’s Last Entry

Like many Star Wars fans, I’ve been following The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster for the last few weeks.

Yesterday, the blogger – Darth Vader – signed off for the last time, with what is probably one of the best – and moving – blog entries I’ve read for some time.

Qui-gon was right. My mother was, too. The Force has shaped this life of mine, from birth to this holy now. Every turn in the path has been an instruction in a series of lessons designed to make me the monster I am, to breed my unwilling heart for whatever lies ahead tomorrow.

Qui-gon said I would have a choice. I cannot fathom it but I have faith.

If he’s right, I need not die a slave.

As one commentor points out, the blog managed to do what the movies did not quite achieve – humanise Darth Vader.

Powerful stuff – and a handy complement when you go and watch the movie.

P.S. Check out Interview With a Blogger – Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming. Matthew Hemming is the author of The Darth Side blog.


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