(Rant ahead. Proceed with caution. Contents may make no sense. If you are confused, feel free to ask. I, for one, won’t insult you for not knowing what I’m talking about.)

I’m what some people may charitably refer to as an ‘IT practitioner’. Whatever that means.
Some refer to me as a programmer, coder, software engineer, IT guy, etc.

Regardless of the designation foisted on me, the one thing that hopefully many people would agree upon is that I am one of the millions of individuals across the planet who has more than a passing interest in computer science and information technology, and hopes to make a decent living out of this interest.

I am not an expert in this field. Nor would I ever claim to be. Whenever I’m required to work on a technology-based project, most of the time I’d find myself requesting assistance from colleagues/forummers/freelance tech-enthusiasts/etc or study the required technology from scratch. This would occur roughly 7 times out of 10, I guess. I am fortunate that I work in an R&D firm, which allows me some latitude in studying and researching new technologies for the purposes of completing our projects.

So I certainly would never be able to imagine what goes on in the mind of someone – anyone – who claims to be so ahead of his countrymen when it comes to understanding the latest and greatest advances in IT.

What must it be like to have an ego the size of Jupiter? A feeling of superiority so immense that one feels that his fellow man (specifically from a small nation in South-East Asia) would not be able to understand anything he says because his thoughts are only meant for those who can THINK and COMPREHEND information – people who just happen to live in Western civilisations?

I, like many of my fellow IT professionals in this country, aren’t satisfied with the amount of progress this country is making towards the goals of being a knowledge-enabled economy. With national internet broadband penetration being pathetically small, and continuing concerns with battling e-commerce fraud here, and a host of other factors that I won’t even pretend to imagine but am fairly certain exists anyway, it’s small wonder that the so-called k-economy has yet to completely take-off.

But that is not an excuse for me to lambast my fellow Malaysians as thinking like losers. Not all of them, anyway.

I am constantly annoyed at the hurdles we face when it comes to buying or borrowing books to either enrich the mind, rejuvenate the soul, or just pass the time. There aren’t enough libraries around, and books in bookstores are almost always expensive that one is forced to wait for the warehouse sales. When books play hard-to-get, people naturally find themselves reading less and less.

But that is not an excuse for me to pigeonhole an entire nation as illiterates.

Forgive me for not knowing all 15 (or 10, or even 5) uses for RSS. I would like to learn, though, and I, like many Malaysians, always appreciate a good source of knowledge.

I am also even MORE appreciative of those who are willing to share their knowledge without expecting anything in return. No, wait – they do expect something in return. They expect the sum total of knowledge in the universe to go up – even if it’s just by a fraction. Ironically, it is to these group of people that I would prefer to contribute something – anything.

What would YOU want for sharing your knowledge with me? Money? Fame? Respect? A sense of satisfaction of having been able to educate and guide your fellow man?

Ask – and believe me, you WILL recieve.

I don’t have brains the size of a planet. I don’t know much about “online brands, online behaviour and advanced applications of the internet”. I’m not working in the technology centres of America and Europe (although I do work WITH some of them.)

But I DO want to learn. So teach me, o great and wise guru – and if you feel you should be compensated for doing so, ask of me what you will.

But don’t mock me. Don’t mock your countrymen. Don’t insult us because we aren’t – or cannot prove to be – your peers.

For by doing do, all you do is disgrace yourself. You want to be called intelligent? Perhaps you are. Literate? Sure, why not? Respected?

I doubt it.

Now, please excuse me while I exhale………


8 thoughts on “Stay.”

  1. Yes, the boy is one cocky shit.

    But the I suspect the real reasons he detests his fellow countrymen is simply because so many of them have uncovered what an SOB he apparently is. I’ve found his name mentioned in many forums and unfortunately none of those mentions have not been very flattering. Being a reasonable and rationale person, I took it upon myself to hear his side of the story. But as you would know by now, his side is obviously too good for us stupid Malaysians.

    I’m sure we’ll eventually hear from him. But we’ll just have to wait for him to grow up first, won’t we?

  2. Ignorance is bliss.

    I rather have a pint than to be feel anything this Tim Yang has to say.

    Come Sashi, don’t lose sleep yet. Bacardi Coke is on me.

  3. Wow the dude is still sore over PPS? That was so 2 years ago.


    If it makes you happy, Sashi… I’d share EVERYTHING with you…

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