Why I DON’T Link To You

*Continuing this.*

1. I don’t know that you exist. (Which simply means that I have yet to come across your blog. So feel free to advertise yourself by commenting here! :D)

2. I meant to link to you, but I just keep forgetting. (No, really. My memory is like a leaky kuali – no matter what I cook up in my brain, everything eventually just disappears down a hole.)

3. You spurned my advances.

4. Your blog isn’t really my cup of teh-O. Sorry. (Not a bad thing, really; after all, one can’t expect blogs to cater to everyone, right?)

5. You’ve defaulted on your payments, and have been actively eluding my debt collection thugs staff.

6. You consider blogging to be cutting-and-pasting stuff from everywhere else and passing them off as your own. (Plagiarism sucks.)

7. You don’t create content – you only ever recycle them. (Which is OK once in a while, and there are people who like that kind of stuff, but not me. I include stuff from Boing Boing, Slashdot etc too, but not always, see?)

8. You’re not glamourous enough for me to want to leech off of your popularity by linking to you.

9. You support Everton. (I am willing to forgive this on occasion, as long as your blog is interesting and/or you’re a hot babe – which, nevertheless, is rare for a Toffee.)

Note: This is not conclusive, of course. With things like PPS and RSS feeds, I rarely click on any of my links anyway – except for the small minority there who don’t ping PPS or publish RSS feeds. I just have them because some people expect me to have them. But I don’t really want to see this list expand so much that it slows down the loading time of the main page (I think it’s kinda slow already).

Also, I’d like to say now – once and for all – that I no longer intend to add to the links on my sidebar. If I like your blog, I would do one or more of this things – add your blog’s RSS feed to my Bloglines account, or just read your posts whenever you ping PPS.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Why I DON’T Link To You”

  1. Gotta check, if you have linked to me!!




    Click on Bloglines Button (nearly overlooked it!!)

    Here I am.

    Sashi – you made my day, hurray hurray

  2. come on you blues come on you blues…
    come on you blues come on you blues…
    come on you blues come on you blues…
    come on you blues come on you blues…
    come on you blues come on you blues…

  3. Andreas: You sound like Dr Seuss! 😀

    Theroadie: We’ll crush you toffees next season – NEXT SEASONNNNNNNNN!!!

    suanie: It’s a deal. >:)

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