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Mask crusaders,
Working all the time, fighting crime, fighting crime!
Secret raiders, who will neutralise, as soon as they arrive,
Trakker’s gonna lead the mission,
And Spectrum’s got such super vision,
Is the mighty power that can save the day,
No-one knows what lies behind their masquerades!
Always riding on Venom’s trail,
Come see the Laser Rays,
Fly away!

Media: Theme tune [MP3], Intro videos [AVI], [WMV].

Links: MASK at 80s Cartoons!, Chris Kennedy’s The Eighties Page, Matt Trakker’s MASK Domain.


7 thoughts on “m-m-m-MASK!”

  1. OH MY GOD! this blog i think is my favourite!! I simply love the 80’s and this brought back so so many memories – why don’t they show these cartoons again?!? oh and i love JEM!

  2. Sakthi: It IS a cool page, isn’t it? šŸ˜‰

    Dawn: Thanks for the compliments – although I can’t say I share the feelings for JEM. But I think my sister watched the show, though…

  3. i remember watching the show with my brother. we used to try to outdo each other by memorising all the little details on the packaging of the toys. those were fun times.

  4. Brad, the pilot of Condor, used the “Hocus Pocus” MASK, which enabled him to project sophisticated illusions, or pass through solid matter, as if by magic.

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