GSC Star Wars Roadshow

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Eyeris points out here that while Singaporeans are experiencing Star Wars mania, here in Malaysia the hype seems to be a bit slow to pick up – which is a surprise, really, since we’re less than a fortnight away from the movie’s opening!

Fortunately, the good people at GSC Cinemas have decided to roll up their sleeves and do their part in building up the hype.

In conjunction with the release of ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”, leading exhibitor Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) will raise the curtain on its celebration of the most famous saga with Star Wars Episode III Fun Weekends road show during the month of May at selected GSC cinemas.

May 7: GSC Gurney Plaza, from 2pm ā€“ 4pm.
May 14: GSC Berjaya Times Square, from 2pm ā€“ 4pm.
May 21: GSC Mid Valley, from 2pm ā€“ 4pm.

Some activities to look forward to include:

  • Star Wars photography session
  • SW costumes challenge
  • Star Wars trivia question
  • Star Wars Word Attack
  • Galaxy of SW Collectibles

I’ll probably try to drag myself to either Berjaya TS or Mid Valley to check out the events. See ya there?

May The Force Be With You.


7 thoughts on “GSC Star Wars Roadshow”

  1. let me know to which event that you are going. perhaps, we can meet up and i’ll answer your greatest question that you’ve post to my blog… hehehe

  2. Nilesh: Maybe I’ll be going to both Berjaya or MidValley, but most likely it’ll be Mid Valley. E-mail me your phone number, (or SMS me – you have my number, right?) and I’ll call you when I go there.

  3. so, which character will you be dressing up as? šŸ™‚ don’t forget your lightsaber and say hi to padme for me.

  4. kudo: I’m going to dress up as a geographically-challenged Star Wars geek lining up at the wrong cinema.

    vlad: I’m wondering about that too… Rest assured, if any girl does show up in that, I’ll consider it my sacred duty to chat her up.

  5. Sashi you missed out one party about last week. There was a slumber party for all star wars fan to come and bring their star wars collectibles,toys and anything related to that. You can even buy or sell any starwars related merchandise. They are planning for a second one. I’ll post to you when i get the info

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