Anybody using JARING Wireless or TIME Webbit?

If you or anyone you know (or maybe your company) is using either JARING Wireless and/or TIME Webbit, please let me know (via comments or e-mail) what you think of the service.

Let’s just say a certain group of people I know are becoming increasingly frustrated at Streamyx and are looking at alternatives.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Anybody using JARING Wireless or TIME Webbit?”

  1. Lainie: Not planning anything, except switching to another ISP, that’s all…

    Keat: Thanks for the link, buddy. I hope we get better speeds than you got though, since we’re in the guearanteed coverage area. There’s a JARING Wireless roadshow at 1-Utama during the weekend, and I’m gonna be asking many questions at whoever’s unlucky enough to be there that day…

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