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Istanbul – here we come!

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9 thoughts on “YESSSS!!!!!”

  1. I wished I could go to Istaketambola too… I mean Istanbul. Glorious holiday destination this one is.

    About Liverpool, congratulations for the humbling of chelsea!

  2. My favorite moment was when Mourinho was about to cry during the press conference. In his mind, he is probably thinking how a team who is 33 points below team managed to beat them.

    To Chelsea, you guys got lucky on the previous 3 games.

  3. Wanted to run around screaming outside afer the game, but then, I’m in singapore, and we haven’t won the cup yet. 🙂

    But wat a tensionfiying match it was. my heart almost stopped when I saw the SIX minutes of extra time…

  4. i hate you scousers. none of u lot has ever been to anfield, let alone the city of liverpool. and here u are getting work up. chisssss…aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh..

    *bang head against the wall 100,000 times*

  5. Theroadie:
    I HAVE been to Anfield. TWICE. And I travelled to Singapore to watch them when they visited this region in 2001. And my friends here also support Liverpool in other ways, I’m sure – like buying official merchandise and ensuring that the Mighty Reds continue to have a strong supporters base in Asia despite ManUtd’s global influence.

    If Liverpool were to make a trip to KL, I’m sure every one of ‘this lot’ will pay good money to watch our heroes.

    The only thing stopping us from make regular journeys to UK is the exchange rate.

  6. I’m still high from this morning’s match. Couldn’t sleep well right after that… adrenaline was still pumping… We’ve finally beat Chelsea… wooohooo!!!

    If I remember correctly, we only allowed Chelsea 1 shot on target (Lampard’s freekick). Our team thoroughly deserve the victory.

    Exciting times ahead… the Mighty Reds are back!

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