Time to place my bets – metaphorically speaking…

OK, American Idol is nearing the final stretch now. We’ve seen some pretty good singers go – Nadia, who in my opinion was a little naive in thinking that performing unknown songs would win her votes, and Anwar, who despite his undoubted technical ability, wasn’t really a major force on stage.

So who does that leave us with?

Scott Savol, who is warming up to his underdog role with relish. He won’t win this competition though, but he might still stick around for another week, depending on how Anthony Fedorov does.

Fedorov… this one puzzles me. It’s like that red-haired kid last season (what’s his name again?), I just don’t know why he is still in the competition. He’s not a bad singer, but he comes across more like a member of a boyband than solo star. Or maybe I just don’t like blondes..

Then there’s sweet, pretty, and well-rounded (ahem!) country girl, Carrie Underwood. Innocent charm might win her some brownie points, but as Simon Cowell so memorably put it, this kitten ain’t gonna be no tiger.

Not in the Idol jungle, anyway..

We now come down to the three persons, of whom one I’m guessing will win the title.

First – the lady. I was one of those people who thought Vonzell Solomon would be an early casualty, but over the weeks, she has won me over with some great singing, an easy smile and some generous laughter. When she picks the right songs, she nails it perfectly. A real contender, this one.

The first of two rockers – and the oldest in the group – is Constantine Maroulis. I like his showmanship, but occasionally, he picks some dud songs and it just doesn’t come off for him. But – like Vonzell – when he gets the right one, as he did with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, then the only thing one could say is “ASTONISHING”!

But after some careful analysis (yeah, right), I feel that the person who will (or should?) walk away as this season’s American Idol is Bo Bice. Besides the fact that the guy’s name is very cool (“Yo, Bo!”), and he’s got a real rock star voice and a stage presence to match, the real reason I want him to win is because he represents so much of my childhood muscial idols – the Mat Rocks and the Bon Jovi’s and the Scorpions and the GnR’s and all of the long haired rockers that provided me with opportunities to rebel by proxy as a kid and teenager.

Constantine may have the better vocals, but in my book Bo is the real rock star. Win or lose, this guy will definitely be making his presence felt for years to come.

Although I’d prefer him winning, of course.

Sashi out.


5 thoughts on “Time to place my bets – metaphorically speaking…”

  1. Anthony should’ve gone weeks ago, but I guess he has many people voting for him. I’m going with Bo too, although Constantine is flashier and a chick magnet. Heh. Go Bo!

  2. America seems quite farsighted on voting for their eventual Idol; there’s already a white female, black male, black female, so you can bet your soul the next one will be a white male. You’re on the right track..

  3. I’m with you, Bo rocks my socks. I really hope he wins.

    I’ve been praying for Anthony to go for weeks and weeks now, but this is the country that voted Clay Aiken to number 2, so…meh. But this dude has TERRIBLE pitch problems. At least the red headed dude from last year did do the crooning thing quite well.

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