Hello? Hi! How are you?

What?! Are you sure??

Are you two okay? What happened?

How did he end up over the divider??

Was anyone else hurt?

He wasn’t drinking, was he?

Did you call the police?

Were you both wearing seatbelts?

Where’s the car now?

Who towed it? How much are they charging you?

Did you tell them who your father is?

What did they say?

What do you mean they don’t know who he is?! Don’t they ever watch the news? Don’t they know anything about politics??

Well, have you already paid them?

How come? Didn’t you have any money with you?

What about cheques or credit cards?

Well, how the HELL do they think they’re gonna make money if they don’t accept alternative forms of payment?!

So what are you going to do?

You’re not just going to leave the car there, are you? Do you have any idea how much effort and time and money your father and I spent to buy that car for you???

OK, OK, do you have enough money for a taxi?

Him? What ABOUT him? Can’t he find his own way back?

Do I sound like I CARE about HIM?

What do you mean, you won’t leave him behind?

Do you….. love… him?

You know you could do better than him, right?

You’re getting what? MARRIED??

Don’t you know you can’t get married at your age without parental consent??

What do you THINK we’ll say?!?

Why the need to get married now, anyway?

YOU’RE WHAT?!?!?!?!?


9 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. sashi, i know. i was just being cheeky. this post of yours is tittled ‘questions’ and it is full of questions, so to add to another questions, i just wrote, “why the questions?”

    i should have wrote “why the questions questions>” eh. 🙂

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