The Hustler and Liverpool’s destiny

I’ll admit – The Hustler Diaries is one those NSFW blogs I’d file under ‘Guilty-Pleasures-That-You-Would-Not-Admit-To’.

Nevetheless, I (and I’m sure there are others like me) know enough about the ways of the ‘Internets’ to know that at least some of the stuff on that blog is surely nothing more than hot air.

Still makes for hot-and-heavy reading, no doubt…

But when I came across this very intereting post (by way of Trace), I have to say I was taken by surprise.

Not because the Hustler got busted, but because of the manner in which he got busted. Those pics he posted in his (until-recently) very popular entries regarding the uses of a digital camera have enough clues in the background to reveal the fictional nature of the posts.

(Do take note that the ‘self-incriminating’ posts have now been removed from the blog.)

But, then again, how many of us were paying attention to the background, eh? 😉

Nevertheless, I don’t really care that he got caught out, just as long as everyone now understands that some (if not all) of the stuff you read in that (and other similar-themed blogs) maybe nothing more than the result of a fertile imagination.

Now, on to something about Liverpool.

Those nice people at BBC Sport have been doing some fortune-telling and have come up with this interesting observation regarding the omens that seem to be pointing to a Liverpool victory in the Champions League.

  • 1978: Pope dies, Wales win Grand Slam, Liverpool win European Cup
  • 1981: Prince Charles marries, Liverpool win European Cup
  • 2005: Pope dies, Wales win Grand Slam, Prince Charles marries, Liverpool reach Champions League semis

The Beeb also points out:

Every time Juventus have played an English club in the old European Cup or Champions League, one of the teams has gone on to reach the final.

Now, now, before all ye Liverpool supporters begin preparing for a victory feast, there is also an omen that may be favouring Chelski:

In 1955, the year they (Chelsea) won their only league title, there was a General Election – also won by the Blues of the Conservative Party. That was also the last time Newcastle won the FA Cup.

Newcastle play Man Utd tomorrow in the FA Cup semis. And for once, I’ll be hoping MU win this one. Can’t have the stars favouring Chelsea, now can we?

(Of course, I’d still want MU to lose in the FA Cup final – hopefully to Blackburn. 😀 )


5 thoughts on “The Hustler and Liverpool’s destiny”

  1. LOL! what a study on liverpool!
    It would be an interesting match to watch between Liverpool and Chelsea. It’s been ages since i watch a liverpool game.

    BTW, i won’t have too much hopes on Man.United Cheers! :p

  2. alas, we might actually turn out to be the only club ot WIN the champion’s League AND fail to qualify for the next one… 😦

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