Red Heroes

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I didn’t watch the game last night (this morning), because I needed to be at my alertest today.

But I’ll be honest – I did NOT expect us to escape defeat in Turin.

But we did – and all day now I’ve been feeling like I’m in 7th heaven.

I was too young to remember the last time Liverpool made it to the semis, so this is something new for me and millions of Liverpool supporters of my generation.

While our REAL target this season remains qualification for next season’s Champions League, it must be said that, considering the circumstances (new manager, terrible number of injuries, losing Owen pre-season), we have still managed to reach a domectic cup final and the semis of the Champions League.

All-in-all, a decent season by anyone’s (except maybe Chelsea’s) standards.

And of course, we now get the chance to ‘repay’ Chelsea after the League Cup defeat. Bring it.

Anyway, regardless of how the season pans out, I am nevertheless confident (more so than at any time this past few months) that we’ve got the absolute right man at the helm to take this club to greater heights – and for the first time in years, I feel those heights are beginning to look very climb-able…..

Walk On.


4 thoughts on “Red Heroes”

  1. walk on indeed, dude. I was dreading the result this morning too. When I got an SMS from my friend congratulating Liverpool, I knew we made it. 🙂 WHEW!

    This year may be a dissapointment, but the coming seasons will be interesting. Carragher’s only what, 28? Riise is 26-7, the strikers are bloody young (except Mori, of course), and Xabi alonso’s only 25. The future looks bright.

  2. I surprised myself with my enthusiasm while watching it…must say the first half was abit slow…but the second half picked up well…and it was a pity Cisse only came on so late…the man was flying…but couldn’t do much in that last ten minutes or so…Dudek actually made some good saves too…and we managed to catch the PSV-Lyon extra time and penalties too…quite the football appreciating girl i’m turning into… 🙂

  3. Rafa the man dude. I saw the last half of the game just now. It was a close call at many points, but the boys held it well. It’s true, many in our generation have not seen Liverpool in the semis. When we are put against chelski, we can clearly, see whos the underdog. It took chelski, a few hundred millions pounds the get to the semi. they literally bought their way through. We, got here with sheer talent and tenacity 😉 .. and a pinch of luck

  4. Correction:

    Xabi is only 23. Yes he is younger than Gerrard. Juventus just didn’t turn up. Whether that was due to our defending or a poorly prepared Juve side, I dont’ know. But I’d admit that our lady luck shone a bit brighter than the other dame in Turin.

    Anyway, we’ll show moro how it’s being done when we win 3-2 on aggregate.

    I say bring on Milan!

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