Hopelessly Outdated Muzium Negara Website

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I’ve seen a couple of links about a few out-of-date and out-of-touch websites on PPS the last couple of days, including this one.

Then today, as I was looking up some interesting places in KL for my colleagues to visit, I came upon the National Museum’s website.

On the outset, it looked OK. Yes, there was the ubiquitous Flash intro, but at least there was a link to skip it.

But when I saw the main page, well, I started to get that tingly sensation across my chest, the kind that tells ya that you shouldn’t be eating too much red meat, cut down on that cholesterol why doncha, and most importantly, stay away from government websites.



2 thoughts on “Hopelessly Outdated Muzium Negara Website”

  1. Well, the website IS a good indication of what to expect if you visit Muzium Negara what.

    the displays there are hopelessly outdated and in need of dusting.

  2. I once went to this exhibition with the “ghost” theme organised by Muzium Negara which was very popular. However, I discovered that it was all a gimick. I couldn’t even read some of the labels and several exhibits were of such low quality. They should send all the officials there for a tour of the museums in the UK and France to see how a real Museum looks like. I guess they would love that – free travel.

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