BBC Show features blogging

BBC’s Click Online, “the BBC’s flagship technology show”, is featuring the ‘phenomenon’ of blogging in it’s latest programme.

What should we make of blogging? Is it simply the latest internet fad, a truly democratic tool for change or, as some have suggested, a vehicle for mob rule? David Reid finds blogs are rocking the boat both East and West.

Weblogs started off as a personal outpouring, a kind of digital diary.

If you work on the basis that a problem shared is a problem halved, you can share with millions and – who knows?

Now blogs feature everything from cant on cars, opinions on opera, to rants from the politically righteous East and West.

But not everyone is free to say what they think.

No mention of any Malaysian bloggers though.

Watch the programme (streaming video): [ broadband | narrowband ]. (The blog segment takes up the first ten minutes of the programme.)


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