Galang galang galanga….

This is surreal…

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I first heard about MIA (a.k.a Maya Arulpragasam, a Sri Lankan living in London) from Boing Boing, and boy, has she been making the rounds…

Check out what RollingStone magazine says about her:

You’ve never heard anything like M.I.A. — the sound of jump-rope rhymes in a war zone. She blew out of the London electro underground last year with her indie debut single, “Galang.” M.I.A. chants the hook “London calling/Speak the slang now” while she plays with her cheapskate beatbox and amps up her minimal buzzes and bleeps into monstrously cool explosions. It sounds like Bow Wow Wow shooting bottle rockets into a vintage Ms. Pac-Man machine to scare the quarters out.

Check out these Boing Boing posts on M.I.A. for links to her music video as well as some really good (and funny) mash-ups (my favourite is the Super Mario Bros one…)

Watch the Galang music video on Youtube!

Get the Super Mario Bros v M.I.A. mash-up here

There’s also quite a varied bunch of ‘Galang’ remixes at this site. To download the mp3s, just add your email address at the ‘Mailing List + Guestlist’ form at the front page (a Mailinator address will do) and then go to the mp3 page. (It’s under the M.I.A. + DIPLO – PIRACY FUNDS TERRORISM MIXTAPE heading).

Now excuse me while I go “Blaze to blaze, galang galang galanga…Purple haze, galang galang galanga!


12 thoughts on “Galang galang galanga….”

  1. AAAH! I love M.I.A!

    Seriously, all her songs are catchy as hell and her album ‘Arular’ isn’t even out yet. The first one I heard was Galang back in October. If you like Galang, try to find “Sunshowers” and “10 Dollar.”

    You should try to get hold of the Diplo remixes, this dude basically mashed up her whole album. I think its known as M.I.A./Diplo – “Piracy Funds Terrorism.”

  2. Yep, I just noticed. I didn’t click on any of the links before. Duh.

    I know the torrents are everywhere, but I thought she couldn’t get a U.S. release or something like that.

  3. Man, this was so long ago; as a MeFi lurker, I clearly remember it.. slipping through my fingers! Thanks Sashi for bringing back what I had missed.

    So so cool. The “cheapskate beatbox” (quote bb) sound and the video make me think this is homemade goodness that belongs on the Creative Commons site. Which I like.

  4. It’s brilliant, thanks for the links! Apparently the Uk release is april 25th…will be looking out for it! And Happy Birthday! 🙂

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