And they wonder why they’re so despised by some…

Man Utd call for European revamp:

Manchester United want the format of the Champions League changed to help more big clubs reach the last eight.

United chief executive David Gill said: “At the moment we effectively have a random draw after the group stage.

“Maybe we should use a system where the holders are rated number one and they play the 16th ranked team, number two versus 15, and so on.”

Gill is concerned that the competition will lose some of its pulling power if the ‘glamour’ clubs go out early.

He added: “It’s not good for the big clubs, not good for TV and sponsors if there are no Spanish clubs in the quarter-finals…”

Yes, those poor big clubs, and those unfortunate TV men, and cash-rich sponsors – oh, won’t someone think of those cash-rich sponsors?? Forget the teams like Monaco who, despite a small budget, still managed to reach the final last season with some excellent performances.. Yeah, screw them and their misguided understanding of glory and ‘may-the-best-team-win’ attitude….

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, whose side also exited the competition at the first knockout phase, is another calling for changes.

He said: “You can’t afford to have Real Madrid and Manchester United – big clubs who invest so much money – going out in the last 16.

“You will have a revolt if it continues like that.

“Seeding teams is a possibility. I don’t think the formula at the moment helps the best teams… “

The best teams, Mr. Wenger? I’ve always assumed the best team is one who wins the competition in the end, defeating any team standing in their way. My bad, then.

Bunch of tossers….


6 thoughts on “And they wonder why they’re so despised by some…”

  1. This just smacks of ‘SORE LOSER’ man… If Chelsea had lost, Mourinho would be saying the same thing too.

    Now, if only UEFA would have the balls to disqualify Chelsea too… 🙂

  2. Eyeris: I doubt Chelski will get disqualified. Maybe a fine, at most. With a stern warning, of course, can’t forget the stern warnings….

  3. what a bunch of friggin sour grape wankers!! (can i say that here?). The so called “glamourous” teams went out because they DESERVED to go out. Thats the beauty of cup competitions. It should be a level playing ground for all. Wankers.

  4. Wow i’m not a hard core football person but even I can see the stupidity and thick-skinness of that suggestion….

  5. Mangkuk beno!! If you don’t play well you don’t qualify. Simple ain’t it. Mr. Gill it’s called Champions League not Primadonna League! sheesh

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