This Blog Turns 1

Honestly, I never thought I’d get this far.

Exactly 1 year ago, I hopped on the blogging bandwagon by publishing a post on my election day experience. [Original post on Blogger].

I didn’t really know where I was gonna go with this blog. I even thought of being a dumbed-down version of Screenshots, but that idea fizzled out as quick as a leaky Coke bottle. Instead, I merely plodded on, day after day, writing whatever that pops into my mind.

With the exception of the Steve series (and a handful of others), every single entry I’ve posted here was written on the spot. Every time I try to compose an entry, I’d find myself distracted by something else and eventually the draft posts remained unpublished. There’re tonnes of unfinished drafts that I still have saved, and I doubt I’d ever get around to publishing them.

(This is not to say I don’t re-edit my entries. Of course I do, I’m as vain as any other blogger out there, right? We all want to get it right in the end…)

Anyway, despite not having any direction whatsoever with what to do with this blog, I’ve somehow made the 1-year mark. Phew!

Much thanks goes to the blogosphere/blog-community/blogiverse/blogalaxy/blogworld/blogwhatever – every time I see a comment on an entry, it gratifies me no end. Thanks, people – you’ve kept this blog going for one year.

In other words, it’s entirely your fault that I’m still writing. 😀

Here’s to another year of sashi-isms, eh? Drinks are on me! (send the bill to Sashi, c/o Malaysian government, Putrajaya. I’m sure they won’t mind picking up the tab….)

Chronology of Events:

21 March 2004: First post on Blogger.

4 April 2004: Got my first ever comment from Khalilur on this post. Of course, the comment was made on Haloscan, so now it’s lost. Well, not exactly lost, it’s still there inside some Haloscan database somewhere, just waiting, mutating, forming virtual gangs, fighting digital wars against other insidious comments from other digital galaxies….

12 April 2004: Redesigned blog. It still sucked.

1 May 2004: Moved from Blogspot hosting to Netfirms with a new domain name (, but still using Blogger as CMS.

5 June 2004: Wrote this post – which to this day is the post that gets the most hits on my blog – mostly for this search phrase. Sheesh….

30 June 2004: Wrote Steve: Vol I. And yes, I WILL get back to Steve soon. Please, be patient with me, ya?

2 July 2004: Got really annoyed (and slightly kembang hidung too) at a local newspaper article.

7 September 2004: Attempted to start my own religion.

24 September 2004: Almost got dooced. Almost.

8 October 2004: Migrated to MovableType on another free webhost (

21 October 2004: Experienced the first of many problems with hosting MT on a free webhost. Guess you get what you (don’t) pay for…

11 November 2004: Bought myself a digicam and posted my first digicam pics.

19 November 2004: Moved the blog to a new webhost – Exabytes (thanks, David, for the recommendation). They’ve been very good to me… 🙂

8 December 2004: Won the 2004 MACVAYSIA Blog Award for Best Blog Fiction for the Steve series! Woo hoo! 😀

26 January 2005: Launched my personal war against blog spam. Happy to say that this blog is still spam free today.. 🙂

21 March 2005: sashi-isms celebrates one year of survival.


23 thoughts on “This Blog Turns 1”

  1. I’ve decided that Sashi-isms and Sashi both suck since we never got the ending to the Steve series.

    But happy birthday anyway – both the blog and the blogger. 😛

  2. Clap! Clap! Wishing you many more blogging years. And you know what? My first impression was that you were a lover of all things Japanese. I thought Sashi was such a Japanesque name and you most probably looked like a punkish ah beng. I should really really never judge a book by its cover huh!

  3. Peter: that’s exactly what I thought also.. till I went to india and I met all the sashis and himanshus (Yes Himanshu is an Indian name!)

    Sashi: Just wanted to say.


    and keep up the good work

  4. Congratulations, wish you many more years of blogging – thx for the past one yr – a fun read always.
    And a very happy b’day to u, too.

  5. AH! Ah! Don’t stop Sashi, don’t EVER stop!


    Now, I’d post a pr0n link to celebrate, but your spam protection would figure me for a bad seed. I’ll email it to you for your birthday, k?

    Happy Birtblogday!

  6. Happy Blogday! Thank you for the random (as well as the edited) thoughts! Btw your blog is an Aries Monkey…

    “…you enjoy very lively intelligence, which helps you understand things rapidly and perceive other people’s intentions in a flash. The Aries/Monkey is interested in everything and puts his inventive intelligence at the service of the community.”

  7. Norzu: Thank you – on behalf of both the blog and the blogger.. 🙂

    James: Aiyo – I said I’ll continue Steve soon, kan? Want me to give Jesse a cameo role? Hehehe..

    Peter: Thanks, buddy! Never realised how much my name reminded people of the Japanese until Jordan mentioned it that day at 1-Utama… maybe I should put up a pic of myself – but that might actually stop visitors from coming… 😛

    Keat: Thanks, dude – am still on a high from that result, I just we can build on it and overtake them for 4th place…

    Kate: Thank you very much, ma’am. Keep coming back, ya hear? 😉

    Chasyss: I won’t! 😀

    Eyeris: Hell yeah! Woo hoo! Bring on Bolton and Juventus!! (fingers crossed)..

    Ash: Dude, you’ll wake up the neighbours! And where’s my link lah??

    MrKiasu: You may be 2 months old, but from the number of your comments, you’re already doing extremely well… 🙂

    Sakthi: Aries, I understand – but Monkey?? Where did you get that horoscope? Like the reading though…

    The Roadie:It could have been 600 minutes, and we’d still win.. heheh

    braindead: Yeah, where did the time go, eh? Walk On, buddy..

    lillian: Thank you, although you shouldn’t be looking up to me – I’m not tall at all! 😛

    vlad: Keep the receipt for the tax boys. Surely blog-birthday-celebratory-drinks are tax-deductible?

    kudo: Thank you, sir!

    lucia: Thanks, ma’am. Means a lot coming from a ‘veteran’ like yourself.. 🙂

    Adam: Thank you, dude – and I will. 😉

  8. Monkey as in the chinese sign la, 2004…so the combined East-West thing is Aries-Monkey…

    although an excellent book to read on chinese astrology is The Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes
    by Theodora Lau…wish i had it with me now…been reading it over and over since i was about 10… 🙂

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