Beaterator Rawks!!

UPDATED POST:The Insane Ox has unearthed this link in the course of his cyber-adventures, and my life will now never be the same again….


Beaterator, for the first time, makes advanced beat-making freedom available to anyone with Macromedia Flash and an Internet connection – all within an easy to pick up and play interface.

Whether you’re a complete novice looking for the most user-friendly program to hone your skills, or a studio vet in need of mocking up a quick idea while away from your studio, this is your new destination.

Lest we forget, it’s all totally free of charge; just don’t forget to give us a nod in those liner notes.

So, go on – be the beat-master you’ve always known you’ve had in you!

The Link: Beaterator

Required: Macromedia Flash.

Recommended Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 (I know, I don’t like it too, and although it seems to work on Firefox, I’m using IE for this and it sounds great anyway!)

My Beaterator-created MP3s (in ZIP format): [2.76 MB], [1.85 MB].

I’m releasing this under a Creative Commons License. This allows you to modify this mp3 anyway you wish – except for commercial reasons, yada yada yada… So go ahead and remix my track and come up with some genuinely good beats eh? 🙂


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