Two of my favourite books/novels/thingies-with-words-on-them have been adapted to the big screen and will be coming soon to a cinema near you.

The first one – the BIG one – is the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Lionel has already blogged about this, so I’ll save your time and mine by not repeating here what he has already essentially posted. Do check out the links to the trailers while you’re there – all done in that dry British humour I’ve come to love… (and Lionel, you hit the nail right on the head when you said Marvin looks like an Apple product! LoL!)

The other one is Fever Pitch. Very loosely based on Nick Hornby‘s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant autobiography of the same name, the story deals about a man’s lifelong devotion to a particular sports team. Of course, in the book, Hornby writes about his love for Arsenal FC and the frequently hilarious extremes to which this obsession leads him. In this movie, the hero is Ben (played by SNL‘s Jimmy Fallon) and the leading lady is Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), and the team that Ben supports are the Boston Red Sox (yes, the baseball team).

Now, there exists a previous adaptation of Hornby’s book starring Colin Firth, with the screenplay written by Hornby himself which left out a lot of the story in the book and added a lot about the love-life of the main character. It was an OK movie, but at times it came across more like the archetypical romantic comedy than a celebration of football obsession (which is what the book is ALL about).

I’m not against Americanisation of non-American works – High Fidelity (another Hornby bestseller) is a great example of how Americanisation can be done properly.

But from watching the trailer for Fever Pitch 2005, I just get that sinking feeling that this is gonna be a bad one. I hope I’m wrong, though – for Drew’s sake… 🙂

Finally, the movie that all lovers of FPS video games have been anticipating (or not, if you’re the cynical type) for years is apparently finally ready. I was actually watching The Daily Show last weekend on CNN, and Jon Stewart’s guest was none other than The Rock (or as he should be referred to nowadays, Dwayne Johnson. But Dwayne is such a geeky/country-singer kinda name, so I’m just gonna stick to The Rock, if you don’t mind…)

Anyway, when prompted by Stewart, The Rock confirmed that he’d been shooting his scenes in the film version of Doom where he plays THE hero, and will be wielding the infamous BFG. (The Rock called it a Bio-Force Gun, but we all know what it REALLY means…. 😉 )

However, the revelation that The Rock was not only in the movie, but his statement that he was playing the starring role as well as his claim that the movie is apparently in post-production and should be ready by August must have taken a lot of people by surprise. Even the IMDB page doesn’t have The Rock’s name on it (OK, it does, now). Will have to wait and see how this turns out….

Well, if you’ll excuse me now, I have to check how my Transformers: The Movie torrent is coming along…. 😉


5 thoughts on “Adaptations”

  1. the only show i watch is Garfield, don’t know much about other movie. Ah, not Garfield the movie, but Garfield the cartoon.

  2. I hope you like Jimmy Fallon, because if you do not, it’s time to kiss Fever Pitch 2005 goodbye.

    I still think John Cusack should at least win some award for High Fidelity, don’t you think? Or did he? I am not so sure.

  3. Doom. I wish I could get excited – but hell, the only comfort I take from it is that Uwe Boll didn’t direct.

    As for HGTTG, you know where I stand, dude. A big yay for Doug Adams! w00t!

  4. i didn’t even know they were doing a Fever Pitch movie….they can’t beat the book tho, the book kicked arse.

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